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TOC: J/o Fluency Disorders (2003) [Special Issue]

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Message 1: Journal of Fluency Disorders (2003) [Special Issue]

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 04:43:51 -0500 (EST)
From: j.neden <>
Subject: Journal of Fluency Disorders (2003) [Special Issue]

Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.
Journal Title: Journal of Fluency Disorders
Volume Number: 28
Issue Number: 4
Issue Date: Winter 2003
ISSN : 0094-730X

Subtitle: Brain Imaging and Stuttering

Main text:

Edited by: Roger J. Ingham

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Table of Contents:

Inside front cover(Editor,Associate Editors,Editorial Consultants)
pp CO2
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R. Curlee
pp 263
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Brain imaging in stuttering: where next?
P.T. Fox
pp 265-272
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Stuttering: a dynamic motor control disorder
C.L. Ludlow, T. Loucks
pp 273-295
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Towards a functional neural systems model of developmental stuttering
R.J. Ingham, J.C. Ingham, P. Finn, P.T. Fox
pp 297-318
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Common features of fluency-evoking conditions studied in stuttering
subjects and controls: an H"2^1^5O PET study
S.V. Stager, K.J. Jeffries, A.R. Braun
pp 319-336
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Preliminary results of a functional MRI study of brain activation
patterns in stuttering and nonstuttering speakers during a lexical
access task
M. Blomgren, S.S. Nagarajan, J.N. Lee, T. Li, L. Alvord
pp 337-356
Full text via ScienceDirect :

A positron emission tomography study of short- and long-term
treatment effects on functional brain activation in adults who
L.F. De Nil, R.M. Kroll, S.J. Lafaille, S. Houle
pp 357-380
Full text via ScienceDirect :

The nature and treatment of stuttering as revealed by fMRI - A
within- and between-group comparison
K. Neumann, H.A. Euler, A.W.v. Gudenberg, A.-L. Giraud, H.
Lanfermann, V. Gall, C. Preibisch
pp 381-410
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Brain imaging and stuttering: some reflections on current and future
R.J. Ingham
pp 411-420
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Author Index to Volume 28
pp 421-422
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Contents of Volume 28
pp 423-425
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Continuing Education Self-Study Program
pp I-III
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Lingfield(s): Neurolinguistics
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