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TOC: Journal of Phonetics 31/3-4 (2003)

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Message 1: Journal of Phonetics Vol 31, No 3-4 (2003)

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 04:37:06 -0500 (EST)
From: j.neden <>
Subject: Journal of Phonetics Vol 31, No 3-4 (2003)

Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.
Journal Title: Journal of Phonetics
Volume Number: 31
Issue Number: 3-4 
Issue Date: Jul 2003

Subtitle: Temporal Integration in the Perception of Speech

Main text:

Edited by: Sarah Hawkins and Noel Nguyen

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Table of Contents:

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pp CO2

Temporal integration in the perception of speech: introduction
N. Nguyen, S. Hawkins
pp 279-287

Remembering Peter Jusczyk
R.E. Remez
pp 289-291

Establishing and maintaining perceptual coherence: unimodal and
multimodal evidence
R.E. Remez
pp 293-304

Puzzle-solving science: the quixotic quest for units in speech
S.D. Goldinger, T. Azuma
pp 305-320

Variable domains and variable relevance: interpreting phonetic
J. Local
pp 321-339

Commentary on papers by Remez, Goldinger/Azuma and Local
G.J. Docherty
pp 341-344

Perceptual stability and informative variation: a commentary on Remez,
Goldinger, Azuma, and Local
L.C. Nygaard
pp 345-349

Discovering the acoustic correlates of phonological contrasts
J. Coleman
pp 351-372

Roles and representations of systematic fine phonetic detail in speech
S. Hawkins
pp 373-405

Dependence and independence in automatic speech recognition and
synthesis [rapid communication]
S. King
pp 407-411

Three semiotic layers of spoken communication
J. Laver
pp 413-415

How might we conceptualize speech perception? The view from
S.K. Scott
pp 417-422

Resonant neural dynamics of speech perception
S. Grossberg
pp 423-445

Modelling regressive and progressive effects of assimilation in speech
M.G. Gaskell
pp 447-463

Temporal properties of spontaneous speech-a syllable-centric
S. Greenberg, H. Carvey, L. Hitchcock, S. Chang
pp 465-485

How representations help define computational problems: commentary on
Grossberg, Gaskell and Greenberg
D.W. Gow
pp 487-493

Physiological foundations of temporal integration in the perception of
S. Shamma
pp 495-501

Computational models in speech perception
B. Tuller
pp 503-507

Auditory processing in dyslexia and specific language impairment: is
there a deficit? What is its nature? Does it explain anything?
S. Rosen
pp 509-527

Rapid auditory processing deficits in dyslexia: a commentary on two
differing views
M. Mody
pp 529-539

Sensitivity to voicing similarity in printed stimuli: effect of a
training programme in dyslexic children [rapid communication]
N. Bedoin
pp 541-546

Time-domain auditory processing of speech
A. de Cheveigne
pp 547-561

Temporal integration and context effects in hearing
B.C.J. Moore
pp 563-574

Temporal processes within and beyond speech: a few comments
F. Macar
pp 575-578

Glimpsing speech
M. Cooke
pp 579-584

Discovering words in the continuous speech stream: the role of prosody
A. Christophe, A. Gout, S. Peperkamp, J. Morgan
pp 585-598

Meter and speech
R.F. Port
pp 599-611

Peeling back the layers of time: integrating speech perception on the
scales of stimulus time, experiential time, and developmental time
C.T. Best
pp 613-618

Patterns of timing in the acquisition, perception, and production of
C.T. Kello
pp 619-626

Contents of Volume 31
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