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TOC: Canadian Journal of Linguistics 48/1,2 (2003)

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Message 1: Canadian Journal of Linguistics Vol 48, No 1/2 (2003)

Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 11:00:26 -0500 (EST)
From: cjlrcl <>
Subject: Canadian Journal of Linguistics Vol 48, No 1/2 (2003)

Publisher: Canadian Journal of Linguistics
Journal Title: Canadian Journal of Linguistics / Revue canadienne de

Volume Number: 48
Issue Number: 1/2
Issue Date: March-June 2003

Main text:
As a new supporter of the Linguist List, the Canadian Journal of
Linguistics is proud to present to the LL community the table of
contents of its latest issues.

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Editor: Anne Rochette
Co-editor: Heather Goad
Book Review Editor: Paul Pupier


Eric Rosen: Systematic Irregularity in Japanese Rendaku: How the
Grammar Mediates Patterned Lexical Exceptions

Nicole Rosen: Demonstrative Position in Michif


Denis Bouchard: Foundations of Language: Brain, Meaning, Grammar,
Evolution (Jackendoff)

J.K. Chambers: Language, Vision and Music (McKevitt, O Nuallain and
Mulvihill, eds.)

Karen Steffen Chung: Morphological Productivity (Bauer)

John T. Jensen: Lexical Phonology and the History of English (McMahon)

Lori Morris: The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (Huddleston
and Pullum, eds.)

Paul Pupier: Les temps du pass� fran�ais et leur enseignement
(Labeau et Larriv�e, dir.)

Tristan Michael Purvis: Ghana Pidgin English in Its West African
Context: A Sociohistorical and Structural Analysis (Huber)

Danijela Stojanovic: A History of English Reflexive Pronouns: Person,
Self, and Interpretability (Van Gelderen)

Pierrette Thibault: Linguistic Variation as Social Practices: The
Linguistic Construction of Identity in Belten High (Eckert)

Edward J. Vajda: Tense-Aspect, Transitivity and Causativity (Abraham
and Kulikov,eds.); The Phonology and Morphology of Reduplication
(Raimy); Nishnaabemwin Reference Grammar (Valentine);
Tuscarora-English/English-Tuscarora Dictionary (Rudes); The Uralic
Language Family: Facts, Myths, and Statistics (Marcantonio);
Oneida-English/English-Oneida Dictionary (Michelson and Doxtator)

Gerard Van Herk: The Handbook of Language Variation and Change
(Chambers, Trudgill, and Schilling-Estes, eds.)

James A. Walker: The Cambridge History of the English Language,
Vol. VI: English in North America (Algeo, ed.)

Chaoqun Xie: A Natural History of Negation (Horn)
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