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Mon Dec 8 2003

Calls: Lang Acquisition; General Ling/Spain

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  1. John Liontas, The Reading Matrix
  2. Sergio.Maruenda, 19th Conference of the Association of Young Linguists

Message 1: The Reading Matrix

Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 14:42:06 -0500
From: John Liontas <>
Subject: The Reading Matrix

The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal

Call for Papers - Special Issue
Second Language Idiomaticity
Volume 4, No. 1

Deadline: March 15, 2004

The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal invites
submissions of previously unpublished manuscripts on any topic related
to Second Language Idiomaticity. The collection of papers will explore
the wide range of theoretical and research issues involved in the
processing, comprehension, and interpretation of second language
idioms by young and adult learners at the K-12 and college/university
level, including (meta)cognitive, psycholinguistic, and social
factors. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
* Defining Idiomaticity
* L1 and L2 Idiomaticity: Similar or Different?
* L2 Idiomaticity: A Fertile Ground of Research?
* Theoretical and Pragmatic Assumptions Concerning L2 Idiomaticity
* L2 Idiomaticity and SLA Theory
* L2 Idiomaticity and the Nature of Interlanguage
* Mental Representations and L2 Idiomaticity
* Lexical Access and Retrieval of L2 Idioms
* Processing, Comprehending, and Interpreting L2 Idioms
* The Role of Context and Background Knowledge in the Comprehension of
L2 Idioms
* Pragmatics and L2 Idiomaticity
* Individual Learner Factors in L2 Idiom Learning
* Instructional Implications of L2 Idiom-Learning Theories, Models,
and Research
* Pedagogical Insights Into the Teaching and Learning of L2 Idioms
* Pedagogical Concerns and Challenges for Teaching L2 Idioms at the
Lower, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels of Proficiency
* Developing Idiomatic Competence in Second and Foreign Languages
* Standards for Foreign Language Learning and L2 Idiomaticity
* Listening/Speaking/Reading/Writing Comprehension Formats and L2
* Assessing/Evaluating L2 Idiomaticity
* L2 Idiomaticity and Guidelines for Planning Lessons
* L2 Idiomaticity and Curriculum Articulation
* L2 Idiomaticity and Materials Development
* L2 Idiomaticity and (Multimedia) Technology
* L2 Idiomaticity and Computer-Assisted Instruction
* L2 Idiomaticity and Authoring Software
* L2 Idiom Learning via the World Wide Web
We welcome both practical and research focused articles (including
action research). Articles should have a clear focus and be written so
that they are accessible to a broad audience of reading and language
educators, including those individuals who may not be familiar with
the particular subject matter addressed in the article. Articles
should report on original research or present an original framework
that links previous research, educational theory, and teaching
practices. Full-length articles should be no more than 7500 words in
length and should include an abstract of no more than 200 words.
The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal encourages
submissions that take advantage of the hypertext and multimedia
possibilities afforded by our World Wide Web publication format. To
this end, we gladly accept articles with graphics, sound, and
hyperlinks submitted as HTML documents. More detailed submission
guidelines are available online at:
Send all submissions electronically to: Dr. John I. Liontas,
Dr. John I. Liontas, Special Issue Editor of Second Language
Idiomaticity, Assistant Professor of German, The University of Notre
Dame, Department of German and Russian Languages and Literatures, 318
O'Shaughnessy Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556-5639; Tel.: (574) 631-7568;
Fax: (574) 631-4268.

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Message 2: 19th Conference of the Association of Young Linguists

Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 13:15:23 -0500 (EST)
From: Sergio.Maruenda <>
Subject: 19th Conference of the Association of Young Linguists

19th Conference of the Association of Young Linguists
Short Title: AJL Valencia 2004

Location: Valencia, Spain
Date: 10-Mar-2004 - 12-Mar-2004
Web Site:
Contact Person: Sergio Maruenda
Meeting Email:

Linguistic Subfield(s): General Linguistics
Subject Language(s): Spanish, French, English
Language Family: Austronesian

Meeting Description:


Dear Sir/ Madam,

The plenary speakers for the XIX Conference of the Young Linguists
Association are:
Dr. D. Antonio Briz G�mez (Universidad de Valencia): "El An�lisis de
la Conversaci�n: �rdenes y unidades"
Dra. D�a. Mar�a Teresa Echenique Elizondo (Universidad de Valencia):
"La historia de la lengua: disciplina del siglo XXI"
Dr. D. G�nter Haensch (Universidad de Ausburgo): "Luces y sombras de
la lexicograf�a"
Dr. D. ngel L�pez Garc�a (Universitat de Valencia): "An�lisis del
Discurso: �un empe�o posible?"
Dr. D. Salvador Pons Border�a (Universidad de Valencia): "Inducci�n
y deducci�n en la investigaci�n ling��stica"
Dr. D. Vicent Salvador Liern (Universidad Jaume I): "La trama l�xica:
sobre alguns patrons de construcci� discursiva"

The definitive list of participants will be posted in our web page as
soon as the selection process is over. We remind you that your
proposal has to be sent before JANUARY 15, 2004.

The Conference Fees are:
a) Association Member Speaker: 36 Euro
b) Non-member speaker: 42 Euro
c) Non-member and non-speaker attendant: 20 Euro

YEAR, please send an application by e-mail and snail mail before the
31st January 2004 to the Conference Board. In your application please
specify that you only want to become a member for a year. This will
entitle you to receive the information regarding the current
Conference and the first call for the next one. In your application
please state your personal data (first name, surnames, address,
telephone, e-mail, post and university) and enclose the bank's deposit
warrant of 6 Euro (annual fee) in the following bank-account: Caja de
Ahorros Mediterr�neo (CAM) : 2090-2821-41-0064002266.

Should you need any additional information do not hesitate to contact
the members of the Conference Board or visit our Web-site: e-mail address:

Maria Jos� Fern�ndez Colomer
Dpto. de Filolog�a Hisp�nica.
Facultat de Filologia. Universitat de Val�ncia.
Avda. Blasco Ib��ez 32, 46010 Valencia.
Tel: 96. 398.32.69

Sergio Maruenda Bataller
Dpt. de Filologia Anglesa i Alemanya
Facultat de Filologia. Universitat de Val�ncia
Avda. Blasco Ib��ez 32, 46010 Valencia.
Tel: 96.386.44.18

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours faithfully
The XIX Conference of AJL Board.
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