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TOC: Estudios de Sociolinguistica 3/2-4/1 (2003)

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  1. framallo, Estudios de Socioling��stica 3/2-4/1 (2003)

Message 1: Estudios de Socioling��stica 3/2-4/1 (2003)

Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 11:37:15 -0500 (EST)
From: framallo <>
Subject: Estudios de Socioling��stica 3/2-4/1 (2003)

Publisher: Universidade de Vigo
Journal Title: Estudios de Sociolinguistica
Volume Number: 3/2 - 4/1
Issue Date: June 2003

Main text:

Manuel Fern�ndez-Ferreiro & Fernando Ramallo
Sociolinguistics in Galicia: Views on diversity, a diversity of views
[pp. i-xvii]
Ram�n Mari�o-Paz
18th century linguistic mentality and history of the Galician language

Monserrat Recalde
The Castilianist theory of the origin of the gheada revisited

Modesto A. Rodr�guez Neira
Language change in Galicia from a socio-linguistic viewpoint

Celia Poll�n
The morphological expression of pragmatic values in oral and written

Virginia Acu�a
Gendered emotive displays in complaint discourse

Sonia �lvarez-L�pez
Functions and strategies of male humour in cross-gender interactions

Luzia Dom�nguez Seco
Social prestige and linguistic identity. On the ideological conditions
behind the standardisation of Galician
Gabriela Prego-V�zquez
�De onde es?, �de quen es?: Local identities, discoursive circulation,
and manipulation of traditional Galician naming patterns

Ana Iglesias & Fernando Ramallo
Language as a diacritical in terms of cultural and resistance
identities in Galicia

M�rio J. Herrero-Valeiro
The discourse of language in Galiza: Normalisation, diglossia, and

Xan Bouzada-Fern�ndez
Change of values and future of the Galician language

Johannes Kabatek
What Variational linguistics can learn from Galician

Xo�n Paulo Rodr�guez-Y��ez & Hakan Casares-Berg

The Corpus of Galicia / Spanish Bilingual Speech of the University of
Vigo: Codes tagging and automatic anotation

Lingfield(s): Sociolinguistics
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