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Books: Semantics, Typology: Aikhenvald, Dixon (eds)

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  1. paul, Studies in Evidentiality: Aikhenvald & Dixon (eds.)

Message 1: Studies in Evidentiality: Aikhenvald & Dixon (eds.)

Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 11:46:31 +0000
From: paul <>
Subject: Studies in Evidentiality: Aikhenvald & Dixon (eds.)

Title: Studies in Evidentiality
Publication Year: 2003
Publisher: John Benjamins,		 
Book URL:
Editor: Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, Research Centre for Linguistic
	Typology, La Trobe University
Editor: R.M.W. Dixon, Research Centre for Linguistic Typology, La
	Trobe University

Hardback: ISBN: 9027229627, Pages: xiv, 349 pp., Price: EUR 95.00
Hardback: ISBN: 1588113442, Pages: xiv, 349 pp., Price: USD 95.00

In a number of languages, the speaker must specify the evidence for
every statement whether seen, or heard, or inferred from indirect
evidence, or learnt from someone else. This grammatical category,
referring to information source, is called
"evidentiality". Evidentiality systems differ in how complex they are
some distinguish just two terms (eyewitness and noneyewitness, or
reported and non-reported), while others have six (or even more)
terms. Evidentiality is a category in its own right, and not a subtype
of epistemic or some other modality, or of tense-aspect. The
introductory chapter sets out cross-linguistic parameters for studying
evidentiality. It is followed by twelve chapters which deal with
typologically different languages from various parts of the world:
Shipibo-Conibo, Jarawara, Tariana and Myky from South America; West
Greenlandic Eskimo; Western Apache and Eastern Pomo from North
America; Qiang (Tibeto-Burman); Yukaghir (Siberian isolate); Turkic
languages; languages of the Balkans; and Abkhaz (Northwest
Caucasian). The final chapter summarises some of the recurrent

Table of Contents

Table of contents 
Contributors vii 
Preface ix 
1. Evidentiality in typological perspective 
 Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald 1 
2. Evidentiality in Shipibo-Konibo, with a comparative overview of the
 category in Panoan
 Pilar M. Valenzuela 33 
3. Evidentiality in Qiang* 
 Randy J. LaPolla 63 
4. Evidentiality in Western Apache (Athabaskan) 
 Wilhem J. de Reuse 79 
5. Evidentials in Eastern Pomo with a comparative survey of the
 category in other Pomoan languages
 Sally McLendon 101 
6. Evidentiality in Tariana 
 Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald 131 
7. Evidentiality in Jarawara* 
 R.M.W. Dixon 165 
8. Evidentiality in the Balkans with special attention to Macedonian
 and Albanian*
 Victor A. Friedman 189 
9. Evidentiality in Yukaghir 
 Elena S. Maslova 219 
10. Evidentiality in Myky 
 Ruth Monserrat and R.M.W. Dixon 237 
11. Evidential category and evidential strategy in Abkhaz 
 Vjacheslav Chirikba 243 
12. Evidentiality in Turkic 
 Lars Johanson 273 
13. Evidentiality in West Greenlandic: A case of scattered coding 
 Michael Fortescue 291 
14. Evidentials 
 Brian D. Joseph 307 
Index of authors 329 
Index of languages and language families 
Index of subjects

Lingfield(s): Semantics
Subject Language(s): Shipibo-Konibo (Language Code: SHP) 
 		 Jarawara (Language Code: JAP)
		 Tariano (Language Code: TAE)
		 My-Ky (Language Code:)
		 West Greenlandic Eskimo (Language Code:ESG)
		 Apache, Western (Language Code: APW)
		 Pomo, Northern (Language Code: PEJ)
		 Quiang (Language Code: CNG)
		 Yukaghir (Language Code: YKJ)
		 Abkhaz (Language Code: ABK)
Language Family(ies): Turkic

Written In: English (Language Code: ENG)

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