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Thu Mar 13 2003

Confs: Semantics of Under-Represented Langs, Canada

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  1. leora, Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas

Message 1: Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 13:46:16 +0000
From: leora <>
Subject: Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas

2nd Conference on Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas 
Short Title: SULA 2

Date: 14-MAR-03 - 16-MAR-03
Location: University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Contact: Leora Bar-el
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: Semantics

Meeting Description:

The Department of Linguistics at the University of British Columbia is
pleased to announce the second conference on the formal semantics of
under-represented languages in the Americas. The goal of the
conference is to bring together researchers working on languages or
dialects which do not have an established tradition of work in formal
semantics. Examples include native languages of North or South
America, African American English, ASL, Yiddish, or Brazilian


Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas 2
March 14-16, 2003

Hosted By:
the University of British Columbia
Department of Linguistics

***Please Note: Change in Venues!***

Friday, March 14th
Vancouver Community College
250 West Pender
Room 112

12:00pm Registration
12:55 Opening Remarks

Session on Tense and Aspect

1.00 J�rgen Bohnemeyer (SUNY, Buffalo and Max Planck Institute for
 Relative Tense vs. Aspect: The Case Reopened

1.30 Christian Rathmann (University of Texas)
 Situation Types in American Sign Language

2.00 Mary Swift (University of Rochester)
 Early Time Reference in Inuktitut Child Language: The Role of
Event Realization and Aspectual Interpretation

2.30 Comments and Discussion

3.00 Break

Session on Focus
3.30 Judith Tonhauser (Stanford)
 Focus Constructions in Yucatec Maya

4.20 Scott Shank (University of British Columbia)
 ''Just'' and its negative polarity variants in Samish

5.10 Comments and Discussion

5.30 Break

Session on Language Revitalization
6.00 Roberta Pires (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
 Is todo in Brazilian Portuguese a Quantifier?

6.30 Peter Jacobs (Squamish Nation)

7.00 Discussion

Saturday, March 15th
Vancouver Community College
250 West Pender
Room 112

8:00am Registration and Coffee

Session on DP Semantics
9.00 Rachel Hastings (Cornell University)
 The Semantics of Discontinuous Constituents in Quechua

9.50 Felicia Lee (University of British Columbia)
 Anaphoric R-Expressions as Bound Variables

10.40 Comments and Discussion

11.00 Break

Session on Tense and Aspect
11.30 Benjamin Shaer (Zentrum f�r Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft)
 Toward the Tenseless Analysis of a Tenseless Language

12.00 Carlota Smith (University of Texas), Ted Fernald (Swarthmore
College), and Ellavina Perkins (Flagstaff, Arizona)
 Temporal Interpretation in Navajo

12.30 Comments and Discussion

12.50 Lunch

Session on Presuppositionality and Quantification
2.30 Lynn Nichols (University of California, Berkeley)
 Presuppositionality and Attitude Subordination in Zuni

3.20 Benjamin Bruening (University of Delaware)
 Wh-Variables and Wh-Movement Parameters

3.50 Comments and Discussion

4.10 Break

Session on Fieldwork Methodologies
4.40 Strang Burton (Sto:lo Nation)
 Controlled Context Elicitations

5.20 Discussion

5.40 Break

Session on Tense and Aspect
6.00 Martina Faller (University of Nijmegen and Max-Planck-Institute
for Psycholinguistics)
 Spatio-Temporal Deixis and Evidentiality in Cuzco Quechua

6.30 Ana Muller (University of S�o Paulo)
 Indefinite Singular and Bare Numberless Subject Generic
Sentences in Brazilian Portuguese

7.00 Comments and Discussion

TBA Party

Sunday, March 16th
YWCA Hotel
733 Beatty
Royal Bank Room/Canfor Room

8:30am Coffee

Session on Quantifiers
9.00 Judy Shepherd-Kegl and Brenda Schertz (University of Southern
 Quantifiers and Scope in ASL and ISN

9.50 Comments and Discussion

10.00 Break

Session on Tense and Aspect
10.30 Leora Bar-el (University of British Columbia)
 Imperfectivity in Skwxw�7mesh (Squamish Salish)

11.00 Ted Fernald (Swarthmore College), Ellavina Perkins (Flagstaff,
Arizona) and Carlota Smith (University of Texas)
 Generalizing in Navajo

11.30 Veerle van Geenhoven (Universiteit Nijmegen)
 What West Greenlandic Habitual Aspect Marking Tells Us About
Characterizing Sentences

12.00 Comments and Discussion

12.30 Closing Remarks
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