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Mon Mar 24 2003

Confs: Franconian Tone Accents, The Netherlands

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  1., 1st International Workshop on the Franconian Tone Accents

Message 1: 1st International Workshop on the Franconian Tone Accents

Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 06:42:17 +0000
From: <>
Subject: 1st International Workshop on the Franconian Tone Accents

First International Workshop on the Franconian Tone Accents 
Short Title: Franconian Tone Accents

Date: 13-Jun-0200 - 14-Jun-0200
Location: Leiden, Netherlands
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics 
Subject Language: Germanic

Meeting Description:

The workshop investigates the phonetics, phonemics and historical
origin of the tone accents in the Dutch-Belgian-German-Luxemburgian
area where an opposition between two tone accents occurs. The
following speakers will deliver a paper:
J. Cajot (Brussels, Belgium): Phonologisch bedingter
Polytonieschwund. Eine tonlose Enklave s�dlich von Maastricht
I. Ejskj�r (Copenhagen, Denmark): Glottal stop (st�d/parasitic
plosive) and (distinctive) tonal accents in the Danish dialects
P. Gilles (Freiburg, Germany): The Franconian Tone Accents in
J. Goossens (Leuven, Belgium): Mein Akzentsystem (ein Genker Dialekt)
C. Gussenhoven (Nijmegen, Netherlands): About Tonogenesis
G. Heike (Cologne, Germany): Experiments in modeling Franconian Tone
Accents and some implications to speech to music conversion
B. Hermans (Tilburg, Netherlands): On the interaction between vowel
quality and tone quality in Limburg dialects
R. Keulen (Leuven, Belgium): Eine vergleichende diachronische
Untersuchung zum Tonverlust s�dwestlich der Stadt Maastricht
G. Kristoffersen (Bergen, Norway): A typology of Norwegian tone
A. Liberman (Minnesota, USA): Reconstruction of Franconian Accents in
Old Monosyllables
A. Peetz (Karlsruhe, Germany): Die beiden Tonakzente in der Mundart
H. Perridon (Amsterdam, Netherlands): On the origin of the
Scandinavian word-accents
J. Peters (Potsdam, Germany): Tone and Intonation in Cologne German
R. Derksen (Leiden, Netherlands): Metatony and the rise of the East
Baltic tones
T. Riad (Stockholm, Sweden): Tonogenesis and distinctiveness
J.E. Schmidt and H. K�nzel (Marburg, Germany): Phonetik der
mittelfr�nkischen Tonakzente
E. Ternes (Hamburg, Germany): Tone reversal in Franconian
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