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Wed Apr 2 2003

Confs: Undergraduate Ling Colloquium Program, MA USA

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  1. openshaw, Conference Program: Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium at Harvard

Message 1: Conference Program: Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium at Harvard

Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 15:55:54 +0000
From: openshaw <>
Subject: Conference Program: Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium at Harvard

1st Annual Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium at Harvard 
Date: 19-APR-03 - 20-APR-03
Location: Cambridge, MA, United States of America
Contact: Nassira Nicola
Contact Email: 

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics 
Call Deadline: 15-MAR-03

Meeting Description:

The 1st Annual Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium at Harvard will be
held April 19-20, 2003; undergraduates of all areas of interest and
all levels of training are invited to submit abstracts. 

1st Annual Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium at Harvard Schedule of

Saturday, April 19th
9:00 -- Continental Breakfast
10:00 -- Opening Session
10:30 -- Benjamin Jackson (Harvard College): ''Vocal Percussion: A
Phonetic Description''
11:00 -- Manuela Gonzaga (University of Lisbon, Portugal): ''The
Structure of DP in European Portuguese: Evidence from Adjectives and
11:30 -- Choon-Kyu Lee (University of Southern California): ''On-line
Sentence Processing: The Importance of Experience''
12:00 -- Daniel Lassiter (Harvard College): ''The Pragmatic Function
of the Particle the:n in Ancient Greek''
12:30 -- Deborah Mortion (Harvard College): ''What, Where, When, Why,
How: A Comprehensive Analysis of Korean-English Codeswitching''
1:00 -- Lunch
2:00 -- Discussions
(1) Rachel Halsema (Dartmouth College): ''Language Policy in a
Pluralistic Society: The View from South Africa''
(2) Charles Chang (Harvard College) and Julie Tanaka (Japan Women's
University/Wellesley College): ''Loanwords and Second-Language
(3) Jessica Graves and Amanda Ivins (Gallaudet University): ''American
Sign Language and the Deaf Community''
3:00 -- Stuart LaRosa (University of Florida): ''Empirical Support for
a Minimalist Analysis of Zero Derivation''
3:30 -- Vanessa Armoogum (Universit´┐Ż de Paris VIII): ''The Copula in
Mauritian Creole''
4:00 -- Nassira Nicola (Harvard College): ''Noun-Verb Pairs in
American Sign Language: An Alternative Approach to Description and
4:30 -- Hunter Brooks (Dartmouth College): ''Word-Initial *b in
Proto-Indo-European: Saved by the *bel-?''

Sunday, April 20th:
9:00 -- Continental Breakfast
10:00 -- Emma Gardner (McGill University): ''Trends in Phrase-Final
Raising and the Quotative `be like' in Canadian Youth''
10:30 -- Discussions
(1) Blake Boulerice (Harvard College): ''Creole Genesis: A Theoretical
or a Historical Question?''
(2) Jocelyn M. Wood (Boston University): ''The Acquisition of
Non-Native Phonemes''
(3) Lucas Butler (Harvard College): ''Word Learning and Symbolic
Knowledge: Clues from Child Development Research''
11:30 -- Professor Ray Jackendoff (Brandeis University): ''What's in
the Lexicon?''
12:30 -- Closing Session
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