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Sat Apr 10 2004

Qs: Reduplication and Syllable Structure

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  1. Sadie Williams, Potawatomi Reduplication

Message 1: Potawatomi Reduplication

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 09:50:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: Sadie Williams <>
Subject: Potawatomi Reduplication

I'm working on an OT analysis of reduplication in Potawatomi and I'm
looking for other languages that may have a similar process.

Reduplication in Potawatomi is a productive phenomenon that primarily
occurs on verbs. In all cases but one, the reduplicant is a copy of
the first syllable of the verb.


However, when the verb's first syllable has a short vowel the
reduplicant is a copy of the first two syllables.


So, I'm looking for an analysis or constraint that explains why the
reduplicant should always have two moras - either one syllable with
two moras, or two syllables, each with one mora.

I'd rather not stipulate a constraint. If I can find another language
that exhibits the same phenomenon, I feel it would strengthen my

Thanks for your help!

Sadie Williams

Subject-Language: Potawatomi; Code: POT 
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