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Tue Apr 13 2004

Qs: Phonology/Nursery Rhymes; Flege References

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  1. gpoizat, nursery rhymes
  2. Antheia Dorn Cadette, Flege's Equivalence Classification

Message 1: nursery rhymes

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 03:33:28 CEST
From: gpoizat <>
Subject: nursery rhymes

I am currently looking for any refernce pertaining to the phonological
patterns in English nursery rhymes. could anyone highlight me? thank
you claire hostalier
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Message 2: Flege's Equivalence Classification

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 10:29:10 -0400
From: Antheia Dorn Cadette <>
Subject: Flege's Equivalence Classification

I am currently doing research in phonological acquisition and am
particularly interested in FLege's Equivalence Classification. The
latest that I've found dates back to 1987 and appeared in the Journal
of Phonetics. Do you know of more recent studies?

Thank you for your kind consideration.

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