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Sat Apr 24 2004

All: Calling All Grad Students!

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Message 1: Calling All Grad Students!

Date: 24 Apr 2004 20:05:26 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: Calling All Grad Students!

Dear fellow students of linguistics,

Have you ever tried looking for a Post-Doctoral position? Perhaps an
Assistant Professorship? The PhD program of you dreams? Or even just
a a paper topic?

You are of course well aware that The LINGUIST List provides an easy,
quick and accessible gateway to all this information. But have you
ever considered what enables this service to exist?

LINGUIST Provides many services for graduate students throughout the
world - services that would not exist without the help of our

During our annual FundDrive (running as we write - check out the
website!) a large proportion of our donations comes from graduate
student and graduate student society donations.

LINGUIST recognizes that many of you are living on rice and beans with
the small stipend that you receive for your studies. However, even a
small donation can help us here at LINGUIST. If every student gave us
just 5 dollars, all of the graduate assistants who bring you The
LINGUIST List could be paid for.

Better yet, if all those generous donors put their individual five
dollar donations together into one lump sum, their school would rocket
to the top of our Grad School Challenge! (See end of this message.)

Last year we had a number of graduate student associations donate,
whose generosity we are all most grateful for:

- Georgetown Linguistics Student Association
- Graduate Students in Linguistics at the University of Southern
- The University of Connecticut Linguistics Club
- Graduate Students, Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto
- Ohio State University Student Linguistics Association

We would also like to thank the many individual graduate students that
took the time to donate to LINGUIST.

Why shouldn't *your* school and *your* name feature on our donation

Please help us out - we really would be here if it wasn't for your
generous donations. Pass this email on, round up your fellow
classmates, and support LINGUIST.

Thank you.

Your peers,
The LINGUIST List Editors

******* What is the Grad School Challenge? *******

This year The LINGUIST List is running The Grad School Challenge!
Every week during Fund Drive, The LINGUIST List will feature the logo
of the institution that has donated the largest sum by Monday that
week. Their name will be displayed both on this page and on The
LINGUIST List homepage.

Furthermore, any donation made in the name of your school will be
listed on our list of contributors.

If you would like to be the "Campaign Manager" for your school, and
round up $10-$20 from all your fellow students, please let us know and
we'll send you a free t-shirt - just for taking part!

Follow this URL for more information:

Thank you.
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Message 2: How to Donate...

Date: 24 Mar 2004 08:56:08 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: How to Donate...

This Year the LINGUIST List hope to raise $60,000. This money will go
to help keep the List running, by supporting all of our Student
Editors for the coming year.

There are many ways to donate to LINGUIST!

You can donate right now using our secure credit card form, at:

You can also pledge right now and pay later, at:

For all information on donating, including information on how to
donate by check, money order, or wire transfer, please visit:

If you have already pledged to LINGUIST and would now like to pay by
credit card, please go to:

and select 'PAY PREVIOUS PLEDGE' as the Type of Payment from the
dropdown list provided.

The LINGUIST List is under the umbrella of Eastern Michigan University
and as such can receive donations through the EMU Foundation, which is
a registered 501(c) Non Profit organization. Our Federal Tax number is
38-6005986. These donations can be offset against your federal and
sometimes your state tax return (U.S. tax payers only). For more
information visit the IRS Web-Site, or contact your financial advisor.

Many companies also offer a gift matching program, such that they will
match any gift you make to a non-profit organization. Normally this
entails your contacting your human resources department and sending us
a form that the EMU Foundation fills in and returns to your employer.
This is generally a simple administrative procedure that doubles the
value of your gift to LINGUIST, without costing you an extra penny.
Please take a moment to check if your company operates such a program.

Thank you very much for your support of LINGUIST!

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Message 3: Contributors So Far....

Date: 24 Apr 2004 20:22:43 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: Contributors So Far....

LINGUIST Contributors

Angels ($1000 and over) 
	Linguistic Society of America
	- Plus one anonymous donor
Mainstays ($100 to $1000) 
	Adam Werle
	Alan Hyun-Oak Kim
	Andrew Carnie
	Arienne M. Dwyer
	Arnold M. Zwicky
	Ayako Yamagata
	Barbara H Partee
	Bernadine W. Raiskums
	Bernard Comrie
	Bernard Hodes Group
	Bernard Spolsky
	Betty J. Birner
	Bruce Fraser
	Carolyn G. Hartnett
	Carolyn Hartnett
	Catherine Walter
	Cathy Ball
	Colin Phillips and Andrea Zukowski
	D. Terence Langendoen
	Dan I. Slobin
	Danny Moates
	Diana Chirita
	Diane Massam and Yves Roberge
	Donna Christian
	Doug Whalen
	Douglas Dee
	Dr. MJ Hardman
	E. Wayles Browne
	Earl M. Herrick
	Elaine Francis and Alex Francis
	Elena Maslova
	Elizabeth D. Liddy
	elly van gelderen
	Emmon Bach and Wynn Chao
	Ernest McCarus
	Geoffrey Nunberg
	Graduate students, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Torotno
	Heather McCallum-Bayliss
	Heike Behrens
	Holly E. Jacobson - UNT HSC
	J L G Escribano
	James J. Jenkins
	James Pustejovsky
	Jeanette Gundel
	Jeff Good
	Jerry McMenamin
	John Kingston
	John Lawler
	Julie Auger
	Karen Davis
	Karen Milligan
	Keren Rice
	Kevin R. gregg
	Kirk Hazen
	Kleanthes Grohmann
	Laura Callahan
	Laura Wagner
	Laureen Lim
	Linda Stump Rashidi
	Linda Thornburg and Klaus Panther
	Margaret Winters and Geoff Nathan
	Martha Ratliff
	Mary Bucholtz
	Mary Shapiro
	Michael Hess
	Michael Silverstein
	Michael Swan
	Minako O'Hagan
	Monica Macaulay and Joe Salmons
	Natasha Warner
	Nobuko Koyama-Murakami
	Northeastern University
	Pam and Allen Munro
	Paola Merlo
	Peggy Speas
	Rebecca Larche Moreton
	Ren�e Galvis
	Robin Queen
	Ronnie B. Wilbur, Purdue
	Sally McConnell-Ginet
	Shirley Silver
	Stephen R. Anderson
	Susan Fischer
	The Columbia School Linguistic Society CSLING.ORG
	Theo Vennemann
	Thierry Etchegoyhen
	USC Working Papers in Linguistics
	World Wide Words
	Zenzi M. Griffin
	Zvjezdana Vrzic
	- Plus 9 anonymous donors
Supporters ($50 to $100) 
	Akira Ishikawa
	Alexander Brock
	Alfredo Torrejon
	Anja Wanner
	Anke Luedeling
	Ann Wehmeyer
	Anna Kristina Hultgren
	Anne Bezuidenhout
	Anne-Michelle Tessier
	Anthony R. Davis
	Antonella Sorace
	Aritz Irurtzun
	ASIA CALL Association
	Azita Taleghani
	Baden Hughes
	Barbara Herrarte
	Barbara Horvath
	Barbara Kelly
	Barbara Stiebels
	Barbara Zurer Pearson
	Bernd S. M 
	Bernhard Hurch
	Between Stress and Tone conference
	Carmen Kelling
	Catherine Rudin
	Cathy Bow
	Centro Giacomo Piuccini - Italian language school
	Charles E. Gribble
	Charles T. Scott
	Cheryl Zoll
	Christiane Hohenstein
	Christine Gunlogson
	Christine Winskowski
	Christopher Johnson
	Clyde Hankey
	Cornelia Tschichold
	Cornelia Verspoor and Vicente Uceda
	Daniel Currie Hall
	Dave McKercher
	David Beck
	David Denison
	David J. Holsinger
	Deborah Anderson
	Donna L. Lillian
	Donna Lardiere
	Edward Garrett
	Elena Tapia
	Elizabeth Strand and Frederick Parkinson
	Enchao Shi
	Eric J. Breck
	Eugenia Casielles
	Francesca Del Gobbo
	Francisco Dubert
	Frank Wijnen
	Frauke Zeller
	Gene Gragg
	George F. Aubin
	Georgette Jabbour
	Gerardo A Lorenzino
	Gerhard Jaeger
	Gilbert C. Rappaport
	Gisela Redeker
	Grover Hudson
	Heidi Harley, University of Arizona
	Hernan Emilio Perez
	Igor Z. Zagar
	Ingo Plag
	Ivano Caponigro
	J. Conklin
	J.D. Bobaljik
	James Vanden Bosch
	Jean Mulder
	Jennifer Cole
	Joana Rossello Ximenes
	Joanne Scheibman
	Job M. van Zuijlen
	John Gould
	John Matthews
	Jon Nissenbaum
	Jose-Luis Mendivil
	Josep M. Fontana and Louise McNally
	Josep Quer
	Joseph F. Eska
	Judith Meinschaefer
	K K Luke
	Kate Paesani
	Katherine Appleby
	Katherine Philbin
	Katy Carlson
	Kniffka, Hannes & Gabriele
	Larisa Zlatic
	Larry LaFond
	Laura J. Downing
	Laurie Zaring
	Lisa Galvin
	Ljiljana Progovac
	Loraine K Obler
	maike engelhardt
	Maite Taboada
	Maria I.V.Fernandes
	Mary Ruth Wise
	Mary S. Erabaugh
	Mary S. Erbaugh
	Meghan O'Donnell
	Michiko Buchanan
	Mira Ariel
	Nancy Niedzielski
	Nancy Stenson
	Nancy Sullivan
	Naomi Ogasawara
	Neil Olsen
	New York University
	Nikolaus Ritt
	Oliver Stegen
	Paco Hern�ndez Paricio
	Pamela Short
	Patricia Donaher
	Pauline Welby
	Peter Richtsmeier
	Peter Sells
	Pius ten Hacken
	Pusch, Claus D.
	Regina Morin
	Revue Romane
	Robert S. Williams
	Robin Shoaps
	Rochelle Lieber
	S.J. Hannahs
	Sage Lambert Graham
	Samuel Ethan Fox
	Sanford Steever
	Sarah Fish
	School of Languages, North-West University (Potchefstroom
					Campus), South Africa
	Scott Jackson
	Scott McGinnis
	Scott Petersen
	Scott Schwenter
	Seizi Iwata
	Shanley Allen
	Sharon Cote
	Stan and Melissa Dubinsky
	Stefan Engelberg
	Stefan Th. Gries
	Stefano Bertolo
	Steven Donahue
	Stuart Davis
	Susanne Bartke
	Sven Grawunder
	T.-S. Pavlidou
	Tania Ionin
	Theresa Biberauer
	Thomas Doukas
	Thor Sigurd Nilsen
	Tim Stowell
	Tom Roeper
	Tom Wasow
	Tom Wasow, Stanford University
	Trudy Smoke
	Veronika Koller
	William D. Lewis
	- Plus 17 anonymous donors
Donors (Up to $50) 
	A.-M. Olsen
	Adam Buchwald
	Adam Schembri
	Adam Ussishkin and Andrew Wedel
	Adrienne Bruyn
	Agnes Sandor
	Albert Ortmann
	Alberto Bustos
	Alina Villalva
	Alison Gabriele
	Amy Isard
	Ananda Lima
	Anders Ahlqvist
	Andrea G. Osburne
	Andrea H. Pham
	Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy
	Angela Paiva Dionisio
	Ann Evans
	Anna Fagan
	Anna Spagnolli
	Anna-Maria De Cesare
	Anne Morrison
	Anne Reboul
	Aoju Chen, University of Nijmegen
	Aris Xanthos
	Azra Ali
	Baauw, Sergio
	Barbara Kuehnert
	Benedetta Bassetti
	Benjamin Van Durme
	bob tool
	Brent Mykel Henderson
	Brianna G. Rauschuber
	Brook Lillehaugen
	Bruce Downing
	Bruno Estigarribia
	Bubel, Claudia
	Bubenhofer, Noah
	Camilla Wide
	Carmen Pinilla Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
	carol myers-scotton
	Caterina Mauri
	Catherine Fortin
	Celia Cuadrado
	Chad Nilep
	Changguk Yim
	Chao-Yang Lee
	Charles Hohmann
	Chienjer Charles Lin
	Chris Heffer
	Chris Sams
	Christian Hying
	Christiane Dalton-Puffer
	Christofori, Ulrike
	Christopher Becker
	Claudia Jirjahn
	Claudia Kunschak
	Costas Gabrielatos
	Cynthia Edmiston
	Cynthia Gordon
	Dan Brassil
	Dan Loehr
	Daniel Cer
	Daniel G. Tight
	David Gaatone
	Deborah Tannen
	Diana Apoussidou
	Diana C. Cook
	Dietmar Zaefferer
	Dirk Noel
	Don Rubin
	Don Salting
	Donna E Cromer
	Douglas Lightfoot
	Dr Ricardo Bermudez-Otero
	Dr. Alicia Pousada
	Dr. Jean-Marc Dewaele
	Dr. Stuart Stewart
	Dylan Herrick
	Edith Schlag, MSc
	Eileen Smith
	Elisabeth van der Linden
	Elissa FLagg
	Elizabeth Grace Winkler
	Elizabeth J. Erling
	Elizabeth Stein
	Ellen Grote
	Emily Kidder
	Eric Russell-Webb
	Erik W. Willis
	Erin L. O'Bryan
	Erin O'Rourke
	Eva Lavric
	Eva Monros
	Eva Villalba
	Fay Wouk
	Fernanda Ferreira
	Florian Jaeger
	Frank Domahs
	Fred Cummins
	Gail Coelho
	Hany Babu M.T.
	Hartmut Lenk, Helsinki
	Heather Lee Taylor
	Heike Zinsmeister
	Hirono Mogi
	Hisae K Shea
	Hortensia Curell
	Huei-ling Lai
	Hugo Quene
	H�kan Casares
	Ilana Mezhevich
	Inge De Bleecker
	Istvan Kecskes
	J. Spenader
	James E. Lavine
	James L. Fidelholtz, Rosa G. Montes
	James Sneddon
	Jan Anderssen
	Jason Rudd
	Jenifer Larson-Hall
	Jennifer Smith
	Jenny Mittelstaedt
	Jeongrae Lee
	Jila Ghomeshi
	Jimmie Carol Ellis
	Jodi Reich
	Johanna Brugman
	Johanna Laakso
	John Archibald
	John Beavers, Stanford University
	John D Barlow
	John Halligan
	John te Velde
	Jonathan Glenn
	Jose Ignacio Hualde
	Josep Alba
	Jozefien Akkermans
	Judith M.S. Pine
	Judith Tonhauser
	Judith W. Fuller
	Julie Ann Osborn
	Julie Bruch
	J�rg Str�ssler
	Karine Megerdoomian
	Katie Gruber
	Katrin Voigt
	Kean Kaufmann
	Keigo Noda
	Keith W. Slater
	Ken Johnson
	Kenneth Konopka
	Kevin Glover, University of Essex UK
	Kristen N. Asplin
	L Kertz
	Lachlan Mackenzie
	Lan-Hsin Chang
	LAUR Elke
	Laura Dilley
	Lauren Hall-Lew
	Laurence Krute
	Leonardo Oliveira
	Leslie Saxon
	Line Mikkelsen
	Lisa Davidson
	lisa levinson
	Lisa Matthewson
	Lisa Minnick
	Ljuba Veselinova
	Lori Levin
	Lorraine Leeson
	Lucie Medova
	Luis Vicente
	Lurdes Teresa Lopes Jorge
	Lutfi M Hussein
	Lynsey Wolter
	M. Cristina Cuervo
	M. Doandes
	maire noonan
	Malais	V�ronique
	Marek Koscielecki
	Maren Pannemann
	Margaret J-M Sonmez
	Marianne and Charles Snygg
	Marie-Jos�e Goulet and Jo�l Bourgeoys
	Mariko Sugahara
	Marina Gorlach
	Marion Krause
	Marisol del-Teso-Craviotto
	Marlies van der Velde
	Marlo McClurg
	Marlyse Baptista
	Martha McGinnis
	Martin Salzmann
	Mary Andronis
	Mary Dalrymple
	Mary O'Brien
	Mathias Schulze
	Matt Goldrick
	Matt Stevens
	Maurice Wong
	Max Wheeler
	Mayrene Bentley
	Mehmet Yavas
	Mercedes Durham
	Meredith Doran
	Meyer, Wolfgang J.
	Michael Cahill
	Michael Erard
	Michael Pearce
	Michael Wagner
	Michal Brody
	Mikael Parkvall
	Miriam Meyerhoff
	Morris Salkoff
	Ms Andrea Kenesei
	muracami madoca
	Nancy Stern
	Nancy Wiegand
	Naomi Nagy
	Neal Pearlmutter
	Olena Drozd
	Ora Matushansky
	Oriana Lillian Reid-Collins
	Paola Escudero
	Patience Epps
	Patricia Cabredo Hofherr
	Patrick Karl
	Paul Fallon
	PD Dr. Elisabeth Burr
	Peter Gingiss
	Phaedra Royle
	Philippe Humbl	
	Pierre Cintas
	Polly LeBlanc
	Ponchon Thierry
	Priti T Thanki
	Professor Andrew Linn
	Rakesh M. Bhatt
	Rashad Ullah
	Rebecca K. Phillips
	Rene J. Valdes
	Richard Waltereit
	Richard Winters
	Robert Frank and Raffaella Zanuttini
	Roberta Chase-Borgatti
	Rodrigo Guti�rrez-Bravo
	Ron Schaefer
	Ros Temple
	Rose Thomas
	roy heilala
	Sara C. Heitshu
	Sara Meilijson
	Sarah van Vliet
	Scott F. Kiesling
	Sergio Menuzzi
	Sharon Rose
	Sherri Condon
	Shlomo Izre'el
	Simon Smith
	Simona Herdan
	Sonja Launspach
	Sonya Bird
	SosaGomez Publicidad, Inc.
	Stacy Krainz
	Steve Hartman Keiser
	Sumayya Racy
	Susan Guion
	Susan Tamasi
	Suzanne Aalberse
	Suzanne K. Hilgendorf - Wayne State University
	Suzanne van der Feest, University of Nijmegen
	Suzette Haden Elgin, Ozark Center for Language Studies
	Szilvia Papp
	Tania Zamuner
	Thomas Koller
	Tometro Hopkins
	Tomislav Stojanov
	Toshihiro Sugawara
	ULRIKE Janssen
	Umberto Ansaldo
	University of Arizona
	University of Toronto
	Uri Strauss
	Ute Smit
	V. J. Fedson
	Valerie Sultan
	Victoria V�zquez Rozas
	Vieri Samek-Lodovici
	vincent de rooij
	Virginia LoCastro
	Whitney Anne Postman
	Will Fitzgerald
	Will Salmon
	Wim Vandenbussche
	Wini Davies
	Yuki-Shige Tamura
	Z. Bond
	zaida a. cintron
	- Plus 63 anonymous donors



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