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Thu Apr 29 2004

Qs: English 'much';Undergrad/Graduate Mixed Courses

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  1. Svalberg, Dr A.M.L., question: use of 'much'
  2. Stanley Dubinsky, Query: undergrad/grad classes in syntax

Message 1: question: use of 'much'

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 10:01:42 +0100
From: Svalberg, Dr A.M.L. <>
Subject: question: use of 'much'

There is a discussion going on among our MA students about the use of
'much'. One person observed:

It seems OK to say something like 'There is much happiness to be found
in living a simple life' but it seems odder to say: "There is much
salt on the floor".

Register and degree of abstractness have been forwarded as
explanations but nobody has been able to come up with a good
description of/ explanation for how 'much' is used. Any ideas?


Agneta M-L Svalberg (Dr)
CELTEAL/ School of Education
University of Leicester
21 University Road
Leicester LE1 7RF
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Message 2: Query: undergrad/grad classes in syntax

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 04 05:58:27 EDT
From: Stanley Dubinsky <DUBINSKVM.SC.EDU>
Subject: Query: undergrad/grad classes in syntax

I am trying to find out about common practice as regards mixing (or
not mixing) graduate and undergraduate students in "introduction to
syntax" and "introduction to phonology" courses. I know that in some
institutions undergraduate majors and first year graduate students
take the same course, while at other institutions a separate course is
offered for each group.

Please reply to:

1. For first semester syntax and phonology,
 my institution offers {one course/separate courses} for
 graduate and undergraduate students.

2. If one course is offered, are requirements/grading standards
 different for each group?

3. Department name, university name.

Thanks. I'll post a summary if I receive a sufficient number of

Stanley Dubinsky e-mail:
Director phone: 803-777-2063
Linguistics Program phax: 803-777-7514
U of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
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