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Tue May 4 2004

Confs: General Linguistics/Ramat Gan, Israel

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  1. armonls, 20th Annual Meeting of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics

Message 1: 20th Annual Meeting of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics

Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 02:31:31 -0400 (EDT)
From: armonls <>
Subject: 20th Annual Meeting of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics

20th Annual Meeting of the Israel Association for Theoretical
Short Title: IATL20 

Date: 23-Jun-2004 - 24-Jun-2004
Location: Ramat Gan, Israel
Contact: Sharon Armon-Lotem
Contact Email: 

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

IATL 20, the 20th annual meeting of the Israel Association for
Theoretical Linguistics, will be held at Bar Ilan University, Ramat
Gan, on June 23-24, 2004 IATL 20

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

09:30-10:00	Registration
10:00-10:15	Welcome

10:15-11:15	Invited Speaker: Hana Filip, SRI-Discern and Stanford University
 Measure Verbal Prefixes and Non-Specific Indefinites

11:15-11:55	Gabriella Toth, University of Szeged
	 Inner aspect and negation: the internal structure of VP

11:55-12:10	Refreshments

12:10-12:50	Dafna Yitzhaki, Bar Ilan University
	 The Semantics of Lexical Aspect in Modern Hebrew
12:50-13:30 Susan Rothstein, Bar-Ilan University
	 Two puzzles for a theory of lexical aspect: semelfactives and 
 degree achievements 

13:30-14:45	Lunch

14:45-15:25	Naama Friedmann, Tel Aviv University
 The acquisition of Hebrew unaccusatives: Young children 
 and A-chains
15:25-16:05	Galina Gordishevsky & Jeannette Schaeffer, 
 Ben Gurion University
 On the Relation between Case and Number in Early Child Language 	 
16:05-16:30 Refreshments

16:30-17:10	Irena Botwinik-Rotem, Tel Aviv University
		Externalization in object gap constructions
17:10-17:50	Tal Siloni, Tel-Aviv University
		Garden Path: Illicit Movement

18:00		Reception

Thursday, June 24, 2004

10:00-11:00	Invited Speaker: Draga Zec, Cornell University
		On the prosodic status of function words

11:00-11:40	Outi Bat-El, Tel Aviv University
		The Emergence of Trochee in Hebrew Hypocoristics

11:40-12:00	Refreshments

12:00-12:40	Jean Lowenstamm, University Paris 7 
		On the Universality of Root and Template Organization
12:40-13:20 Emmanuel Aim, University Paris 7 and University d'Orleans
	 Aramaic & Hebrew Metathesis 

13:20-14:20	Lunch
14:20-15:00	Business Meeting

15:00-15:40	Galia Hatav, University of Florida
 		Syntactic and Semantic Tense Shift
15:40-16:20	Klaus Abels, Universitaet Leipzig
		Why one can't be Amazed Whether this is True

16:20-16:40	Refreshements

16:40-17:20	Alexander Grosu, Tel Aviv University
		Manfred Krifka, Humboldt University 
		Argumental Relative constructions with a Postcopular Gap 

17:20-18:00	Idan Landau, Ben Gurion University
		Chain Resolution in Hebrew V(P)-fronting

	Peggy Afuta, Universite Paris 7	 
 Floating Morpheme and Complex Segments in Yiddish 
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