LINGUIST List 15.1474

Mon May 10 2004

FYI: Irony in Press; Generative Grammar Summerschool

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  1. Anna Koenigshaus, Functions of Irony in Press Commentaries
  2. Hedde Zeijlstra, Generative Grammar Summerschool, Romania

Message 1: Functions of Irony in Press Commentaries

Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 17:21:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: Anna Koenigshaus <>
Subject: Functions of Irony in Press Commentaries

During the research aimed at stating what roles irony plays in press
articles I have designed a questionnaire, which can be filled in from
the site: 

I will be grateful to all of you who decide to contribute to this
research. Thank you in advance.

Subject-Language: English; Code: ENG 
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Message 2: Generative Grammar Summerschool, Romania

Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 06:25:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: Hedde Zeijlstra <>
Subject: Generative Grammar Summerschool, Romania

We are pleased to announce this year's Central European Summer School
in Generative Grammar, to be held in:

Cluj, Romania

from July 26th - August 6th

Registration is taking place from May 10th until May 21st at

where more detailed information is available.

The school is free (there is no tuition fee), and dorm beds will be
approximately 5 Euros per night. Students from former communist
countries in Central and Eastern Europe can apply for financial
support (covering travel, visa and/or accommodation expenses).

There will be three types of classes: introductory classes, topical
classes and research classes. The list of courses and teachers is
appended below.

Intro classes:

Dominique Sportiche (UCLA) Introduction to Syntax
Curt Rice (Tromso) Introduction to Optimality Theory
Michael Wagner (MIT) Introduction to Prosody and the Syntax/Phonology
Luisa Marti (U Leipzig) Introduction to Semantics (I)
Orin Percus (Firenze) Introduction to Semantics (II)

Topical Classes:

Dominique Sportiche (UCLA) Movement and Interpretation
Markus Kracht (UCLA) Syntactic Representations: from Chains to
Curt Rice (Tromso) Issues in the Phonology of Paradigms
Tobias Scheer (Nice) The Representation of Core Phonological Objects
 and Processes
Luisa Marti (U Leipzig) & Orin Percus (Firenze) Covert Variables at LF
Alexandra Cornilescu (Bucharest) t.b.a.
Jonathan Kaye (Girona) t.b.a.
Hilda Koopman (UCLA) t.b.a.
Tom Roeper (Umass) t.b.a.

Research classes

Oystein Nilsen (Tromso) Conservative Shape Conservation 
Oystein Nilsen (Tromso) The Case Filter and its Semantics 
Michael Wagner (MIT) Deriving Prosody in Syntax 
Markus Kracht (UCLA) Language and Space 
Tobias Scheer (Nice) How the Big Guys (Morphology, Syntax, Semantics)
 Talk to Phonology, and What They Tell Her

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