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  1. julia.ulrich, A Grammar of Qiang: LaPolla

Message 1: A Grammar of Qiang: LaPolla

Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 07:04:31 -0400 (EDT)
From: julia.ulrich <>
Subject: A Grammar of Qiang: LaPolla


Title: A Grammar of Qiang
Series Title: Mouton Grammar Library 31 

Publication Year: 2003
Publisher:	Mouton de Gruyter 

Author: Randy J. LaPolla, Associate Professor at the City University
	of Hong Kong

Hardback: ISBN: 311017829X, Pages: xvii, 445, Price: EURO 148.00


This book is a full reference grammar of Qiang, one of the minority
languages of southwest China, spoken by about 70,000 Qiang and Tibetan
people in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in northern
Sichuan Province. It belongs to the Qiangic branch of Tibeto-Burman
(one of the two major branches of Sino-Tibetan). The dialect presented
in the book is the Northern Qiang variety spoken in Ronghong Village,
Yadu Township, Chibusu District, Mao County. This book, the first
book-length description of the Qiang language in English, is the
result of many years of work on the language, and is as typologically
comprehensive as possible. It includes not only the reference grammar,
but also an ethnological overview, several fully analyzed texts
(mostly traditional stories), and an annotated glossary.

The language is verb final, agglutinative (prefixing and suffixing),
and has both head-marking and dependent marking morphology. The
phonology of Qiang is quite complex, with 39 consonants at seven
points of articulation, plus complex consonant clusters, both in
initial and final position, as well as vowel harmony, vowel length
distinctions, and a set of retroflexed vowels. The grammar also is
complex, with a paradigm of eight direction marking verbal prefixes,
and two paradigms for person marking, one for actor, one for
non-actor, and a variety of other verbal prefixes and suffixes, as
well as definite and number marking on nouns. Noun phrases take
classifiers and relational pospositions as well.

The book will be of use to typologists, comparativists,
Sino-Tibetanists, anthropologists, and linguists in general.

Lingfield(s):	Language Description
Subject Language(s):	Qiang, Northern (Language code: CNG)
Written In:	English (Language Code: ENG) 

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