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Wed Jun 9 2004

TOC: Journal of the IPA 34:1 (2004)

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  1. sarah, Journal of the International Phonetic Association: 34:1

Message 1: TOC: Journal of the International Phonetic Association: 34:1

Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 06:44:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: sarah <>
Subject: TOC: Journal of the International Phonetic Association: 34:1

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Journal Title: Journal of the International Phonetic Association
Volume Number: 34
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: Jan 2004

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Some auditory and acoustic observations on the phonetics of [ATR]
harmony in a speaker of a dialect of Kalenjin 
John Local, Ken Lodge

Temporal markers of prosodic boundaries in children's speech
Jana Dankovicov´┐Ż, Kathryn Pigott, Bill Wells, Sue Pepp´┐Ż
Off-line classification of Polish vowel spectra using artificial
neural networks 
Wiktor Jassem, Waldemar Grygiel
Retroflex fricatives in Slavic languages
Silke Hamann

Lheidli intervocalic consonants: phonetic and morphological effects
Sonya Bird
JEAN BOASE-BEIER & KEN LODGE, The German Language: A Linguistic
Introduction. Oxford: Blackwell, 2003. Pp. 254. ISBN 0-631-23138-2
(HB), ISBN 0-631-23139-0 (PB) 
Adrian P. Simpson

BART DE BOER, The Origins of Vowel Systems (Studies in the Evolution
of Language 1). Oxford: Oxford University Press,
2001. Pp. xii+168. ISBN 0-19-829965-6 (HB) 
Patricia J. Donegan
DAVID CRYSTAL, A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics (5th
edn.). Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2003. Pp. 508. ISBN 0 631 22664 8
Margarita Balamakova

LINDA SHOCKEY, Sound Patterns of Spoken English. Oxford. Blackwell
Publishing, 2003. Pp. xii + 156. ISBN 0 631 23080 7 
Richard T. Cauldwell

Eno-Abasi E. Urua

Elinor Keane

Derek Rogers, Luciana d'Arcangeli
Lingfield(s): Phonetics
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