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Fri Jun 11 2004

Calls: Langs,Lang Families/USA; General Ling/Germany

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  1. Sabine Iatridou, 2005 LSA Institute
  2. Stefan Engelberg, Lexical Encoding of Implicit Information

Message 1: 2005 LSA Institute

Date: 11 Jun 2004 16:25:16 -0000
From: Sabine Iatridou <>
Subject: 2005 LSA Institute

In the context of the 2005 LSA Institute (to be hosted by the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University) we are
soliciting proposals for Workshops or Conferences with a particular
focus on a Language or Language Family.
We are happy to host a meeting of a regular conference or of a
one-time-only workshop. As in other years, these events will not be
funded by the Institute. Funding will be the responsibility of the
Proposal format
The proposal should contain the following information

-the names of the organizers
-the language or language Family, and linguistic subarea if there is
one (e.g. phonology, syntax, etc.)
-the proposed length of the workshop or conference (1, 2 or 3 days)
-the format of the event (method of selecting speakers; length of
talks and discussion; commentators etc)
There is a rolling deadline for submissions but as the relevant slots
will fill up, early submission is encouraged.
Please submit the above electronically to Sabine Iatridou at
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Message 2: Lexical Encoding of Implicit Information

Date: 11 Jun 2004 16:26:32 -0000
From: Stefan Engelberg <>
Subject: Lexical Encoding of Implicit Information

Lexical Encoding of Implicit Information
Date: 23-Feb-2005 - 25-Feb-2005
Location: Cologne, Germany
Contact: Stefan Engelberg
Contact Email:
Meeting URL:
Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics 
Call Deadline: 10-Aug-2004

Meeting Description:
The purpose of the workshop is to present and discuss current work on
the representation and processing of lexically encoded implicit
information. The workshop will take place as part of the Annual
Conference of the German Linguistics Society
Lexical Encoding of Implicit Information
	Organizers: Stefan Engelberg, Holden Haertl 
The primary objective of the workshop is to determine how
linguistically unrealized information is anchored in the lexical entry
of an expression by means of semantic and grammatical encoding. This
kind of implicit information is contrasted with extra-linguistic
conceptual reasoning, which is controlled by directives of
encyclopedic knowledge. Thus, this workshop will contribute to the
delimitation of linguistic structure from conceptual structure. A
comparative, cross-linguistic perspective will help to differentiate
grammatical parameters, universal principles, and those regularities
which are associated with the knowledge systems of non-linguistic
cognitive capacities.
One central topic of the workshop will be the anchoring of implicit
event participants in the argument structure of verbs. Here, different
types of argument reductions as we find them with
e.g. intransitivized, medial, and decausative verbs are of particular
interest as well as the semantic and pragmatic conditions for argument
structure adjustments. From a discourse perspective, we welcome
contributions on the relation between lexical components of implicit
information and elements identified in the discourse. For instance, we
know that the degree of grammatical visibility of implicit event
participants (e.g. in passives vs. decausatives) can be shown to be a
discourse-related phenomenon. Closely related to this issue is the
question of what the referential properties of implicit arguments
(definiteness/indefiniteness) are. In addition to issues immediately
pertaining to the representation of implicit arguments, talks are
welcome which explore how certain types of inferences closely
connected to implicit arguments are triggered. Here, the domain of
lexically encoded causality, as is found with causative verbs,
vs. implicit causality, as is found with psych-verbs, could be
addressed as well as the influence of implicit arguments on the
aspectual constitution of the expressions under
consideration. Furthermore, the workshop welcomes contributions on
implicit information from the areas of language processing and
(neuro-) psychology of language.
We invite researchers working in the fields of lexical semantics,
syntax-semantic interface, valence theory, discourse representation
theories, and psycholinguistics to contribute to the workshop.
Presentations will be 20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion.
Please submit a one-page abstract and include the following
	(a) Title of the paper
	(b) Name of the author
	(c) Affiliation
	(d) e-mail address
Send your submissions to
10 August, 2004: deadline for abstracts
1 September, 2004: notification of acceptance
1 October, 2004: final program
23-25 February, 2005: workshop
Participants are expected to register for the conference of the German
Linguistics Society. There will be a moderate fee.
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