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TOC: Pragmatics 13/1-4 (2003) & 14/1 (2004)

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  1. ann.verhaert, Pragmatics Vol 13, No 1-4 (2003) Vol 14, No 1 (2004)

Message 1: Pragmatics Vol 13, No 1-4 (2003) Vol 14, No 1 (2004)

Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 13:12:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: ann.verhaert <>
Subject: Pragmatics Vol 13, No 1-4 (2003) Vol 14, No 1 (2004)

Publisher: International Pragmatics Assoc.
Journal Title: Pragmatics
Volume Number: 13
Issue Number: 1-4
Issue Date: 2003
Main text:
Tables of contents of the latest issues of PRAGMATICS: Quarterly
Publication of the International Pragmatics Association

For details:

13:1 (March 2003)

Jan Blommaert, James Collins, Monica Heller, Ben Rampton, Stef
Slembrouck, and Jef Verschueren, Introduction

Monica Heller, Actors and discourses in the construction of hegemony

Jan Blommaert, Orthopraxy, writing and identity: Shaping lives through
borrowed genres in Congo

Ben Rampton, Hegemony, social class and stylisation

James Collins, "The Reading Wars In Situ"

Stef Slembrouck, Class and parenting in accounts of child protection:
A discursive ethnography under construction

Jef Verschueren, A touch of class: The erasion of group-based social
inequality as a hegemonic process in political discourse

Celso Alvarez-Caccamo and Gabriela Prego-Vazquez, Political
cross-discourse: Conversationalization, imaginary networks, and social
fields in Galiza

Patrick De Vos, Discourse theory and the study of ideological
(trans-)formations: Analysing social democratic revisionism

13:2 (June 2003)

Leiv Egil Brreivik, On relative clauses and locative expressions in
English existential sentences

Marie Girard and Claude Sionis, Formulaic speech in the L2 class: An
attempt at identification and classification

Bonnie McElhinny, Fearful, forceful agents of the law: Ideologies
about language and gender in police officers' narratives about the use
of physical force

Jan Svennevig, Echo answers in native/non-native interaction

13:3/4 (September/December 2003)
September 2003

Niclas Burenhult, Attention, accessibility, and the addressee: The
case of the Jahai demonstrative ton

Winnie Cheng and Martin Warren, Indirectness, inexplicitness and
vagueness made clearer

Camelia Suleiman and Daniel C. O'Connell, Perspective in the discourse
of war: The case of Colin Powel

Toshiko Yamaguchi, Reanalysis of contrastive -wa in Japanese:
Perspectives from newspaper articles

December 2003

Janina Fenigsen, Introduction

Janina Fenigsen, Language ideologies in Barbados: Processes and

Brigittine M. French, The politics of Mayan linguistics in Guatemala:
Native speakers, expert analysts, and the nation

Adi Hastings, Simplifying Sanskrit

Alexandra Jaffe, Misrecognition unmasked? "Polysemic" language, expert
statuses and orthographic practices in Corsican schools

Anita Puckett, The "value" of dialect as object: The case of
Appalachian English

Daniel F. Suslak, The story of �: Orthography and cultural politics
in the Mixe highlands

14:1 (March 2004)

Bert CORNILLIE, The shift from lexical to subjective readings in
Spanish prometer 'promise' and amenazar 'threaten'. A corpus-based

Marie GIRARD and Claude SIONIS, The functions of formulaic speech in
the L2 class

Frederick KANG'ETHE-IRAKI, Cognitive efficiency: The sheng phenomenon
in Kenya

Isabella PAOLETTI and Giolo FELE, Order and disorder in the classroom

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