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Tue Aug 3 2004

Calls: General Ling; Anthropological Ling/Japan

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  1. jytak, Journal of Universal Language
  2. yasahi, 1st International Conference on Small Island Cultures

Message 1: Journal of Universal Language

Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 04:18:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: jytak <>
Subject: Journal of Universal Language

Journal of Universal Language 	

Call Deadline: 15-AUG-2004 

The Final Call for the Journal of Universal Language(5:2)

As a token of our gratitude, the contributors will be awarded the
$1,000 honorarium (which is subject to taxation).

Topic Areas: 

The Journal of Universal Language is concerned with: 
-artificial language, communication & culture in language usage,
typology, and universality in language
-interdisciplinary contributions written with applied linguists in mind 
-brief notes, comments or observation concerning official language 
-reaction/replies to recent papers 

The editors encourage the submission of papers on proposed themes as
well as on other topics relevant to the interest of the Journal of
Universal Language. Each volume contains two issues, published in
March and September. The language of publication is English.

1. The length of a manuscript should not exceed 40 pages.
2. A 200-word abstract and keywords should be given at the beginning
of each manuscript. 
3. Manuscripts should be submitted on A4 paper, with the margins at
least 4cm on all four sides of each sheet. They may be single-spaced
and/or double-sided if desired.

Important Dates: 
Submission deadline: August 1, 2004. 
(However, we accept manuscripts throughout the year.) 
Notification of acceptance: August 15, 2004 
Submission of camera-ready papers: September 1, 2004 

1. Electronic submissions are acceptable. Acceptable file formats are
Portable Document Format (.pdf) and MS Word (.doc). Please send your
file in an attachment to
2. For hard copy submissions, please send 3 copies, accompanied by a
cover letter which includes the author's name, affiliation, address,
and home or office phone numbers, to:

Jin-young Tak, Editor 
Department of English Language/Literature 
Sejong University 
Gunjs-kwan 401B, Gunja-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea 

TOC (Journal of Universal Language 5:1) 

Chul-hyun Bae (Korea) 
Aramaic as a Lingua Franca during the Persian Empire(538-333 B.C.E.)

Charith Giragama et al. (Japan) 
Language Universals: Cross-lingual Comparison of Topic Dependent

Ana Ortigosa (Spain) 
Towards a Universal Typology of State of Affairs 

Vladimir Pericliev (Bulgaria) 
Universals, their Violation and the notion of Phonologically Peculiar

Mark VanDam (USA) 
Word Final Coda Typology 

For more information: 
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Message 2: 1st International Conference on Small Island Cultures

Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 20:54:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: yasahi <>
Subject: 1st International Conference on Small Island Cultures

1st International Conference on Small Island Cultures 

Date: 07-Feb-2005 - 12-Feb-2005
Location: Kagoshima, Japan
Contact: Daniel Long
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL: 

Linguistic Sub-field: Sociolinguistics, Anthropological Linguistics
Call Deadline: 12-Sep-2004 

Meeting Description:

SICRI was established in 2004 to facilitate communication and
collaboration between researchers and cultural practitioners working
with small island communities. SICRI's principal aim is to research
and assist the maintenance and development of the language, music,
dance, folkloric and media cultures of small island communities. It
aims to identify potential research partners and appropriate
strategies and funding sources to benefit small island cultures and
those researching them. Key to SICRI's activities is the principle
that external researchers should develop their projects in
consultation with island communities and should reciprocate such
co-operation with appropriate assistance and facilitation of local
cultural initiatives. SICRI operates with reference to broader
concepts of cultural heritage [see UNESCO, 2003: What is Cultural
Heritage and Types of Cultural Heritage]; consideration of island
communities as (simultaneously) isolated and connected; and is
concerned to address the impacts and potentials offered by tourism.

Call for Papers

1st International Conference on Small Island Cultures
Date: February 7-12, 2005 

Place: Kagoshima University Research Center for the Pacific Islands

Co-organised by Kagoshima University Research Center for the Pacific
Islands and The Small Island Cultures Research Initiative (SICRI) and
co-sponsored by The Japan Society of Island Studies (Nihon Tousho

Proposals are invited for papers on the linguistic, musical, dance,
folkloric, visually expressive, craft and/or touristic aspects of
small island societies. Papers should address one or both of the

1) Methodological issues of conducting research in small island
communities so as to encourage, sustain and facilitate local culture

2) Aspects of small island cultures (in local and/or diasporic

Since the conference is an interdisciplinary one, paper proposers are
asked to address their papers to a general academic audience, rather
than a discipline specific one.

Papers should be delivered in English but may also be given in
Japanese if an English language text or substantial abstract is
provided. The organisers are also seeking funds to facilitate
simultaneous translation (please check this site for updates on this.)

Refereed conference proceedings will be published subsequent to the

The conference will also host the establishing meeting of SICRI, a new
interdisciplinary association, and the formal launch of the SICRI
on-line research portal.

Days 4-6 of the conference (February 10 th -12 th ) will take place on
Yakushima Island and will comprise presentations and field visits to
cultural and heritage sites.

Those wishing to deliver a paper should send an abstract (approx 500
words) as text e-mail to Dr Philip Hayward
( by September 12th 2004.

For more information on the conference visit the website:


Daniel Long
Shunsuke Nagashima
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