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Sun Aug 8 2004

Qs: CHILDES bibliography

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  1. Denis Donovan, CHILDES bibliography

Message 1: CHILDES bibliography

Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 08:58:05 -0400
From: Denis Donovan <>
Subject: CHILDES bibliography

Two questions:

1) Is anyone aware of a site where one can download the Endnote (.enl)
file of the CHILDES bibliography? The URL below ends in mid-sentence,
before providing the link.

2) There are references to the CHILDES bibliography now having about
30,000 entries, which would make it considerably more up-to-date than
the 22,000-some in the last version (which I have). Is this spurious,
or has it been expanded?

Denis Donovan

Denis M. Donovan, M.D., F.A.P.S.
The Children's Center for Developmental Psychiatry
6675 - 13th Avenue North, Suite 2-A
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710-5483

Phone:	727-345-2400
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