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Wed Sep 1 2004

Jobs: Lang Description: Researcher, U of Potsdam

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  1. skopetea, Jobs: Language Description/Syntax/Phonology: Researcher, U of Potsdam

Message 1: Jobs: Language Description/Syntax/Phonology: Researcher, U of Potsdam

Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 09:02:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: skopetea <>
Subject: Jobs: Language Description/Syntax/Phonology: Researcher, U of Potsdam

University or Organization: University of Potsdam (Germany)
Department: SFB 632
Rank of Job: Researcher
Specialty Areas: Language Description, Syntax, Phonology


The University of Potsdam offers 10 research positions for language
researchers (6 months full-time or 1 year half-time) within the
project ''Typology of Information Structure'' (Caroline F�ry, Gisbert
Fanselow, Manfred Krifka; see

We are currently looking for experts of languages of the groups
below. Proposals for other languages are also encouraged:
- polysynthetic languages (e.g. Greenlandic, Chuckchee);
- VSO languages (e.g. Irish, Niuean);
- VOS languages (e.g. Palauan);
- Creole languages (e.g. Hawaian Creole);
- African languages (e.g. Aghem, Kikuyu);
- Australian languages (e.g. Warlpiri);
- Romance languages (e.g. Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish,
 Italian, French); 
- Amerindian languages (e.g. Mohawk, Navajo,
- other languages (e.g. Malayalam, Tagalog).

The status of the position is that of an associate researcher within
project D2. The tasks include:
- gathering data using a questionnaire developed at the University of
- transcription, including transcription of intonation
- annotation of information structure and syntax

A tutorial for experimental methods and data transcription will be
organized in Potsdam in October 2004. Apart from this tutorial,
researchers may stay in the area where the language is spoken.

Applicants should send a letter of application which includes:
- which language they want to study;
- a 1-page outline of the interesting aspects of the proposed language
 with respect to information structure;
- their academic degree and professional experience in linguistics;
- previous experience in the proposed language (native speakers are
 preferred, but linguists fluent in the target language
 will also be considered); their experience with intonational

Applications will be considered until available positions are
filled. The first contracts will begin in October 2004, but
applications for a later starting date will also be considered.

Applications must be sent by email to:
Stavros Skopeteas <>
or Ruben Stoel <>

More info about SFB "Information structure" at:

Address for Applications:

	Attn: Stavros Skopeteas
	Institut f�r Linguistik, University of Potsdam
	Postfach 601553
	Potsdam, 14415
	Position is open until filled.

Contact Information:

	Stavros Skopeteas
	Tel: ++49 331 9772968
	Fax: ++49 331 9772925
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