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  1. martine.coene, On the Expression of Time and Space

Message 1: On the Expression of Time and Space

Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 04:49:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: martine.coene <>
Subject: On the Expression of Time and Space

On the Expression of Time and Space

Date: 23-Sep-2004 - 25-Sep-2004
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Contact: Martine Coene
Contact Email:
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

On the expression of Time and Space
Special workshop: Time and Space in Romanian

Antwerp September 23-25, 2004

The Research unit on Comparative Romance Linguistics of the Antwerp
university is organizing an international meeting on the above
mentioned topic with

Keynote speakers:

Ileana Comorovski
Giuliana Giusti
Alexandru Grosu
Jacqueline Gu�ron
Fabio Pianesi
Carmen Sorin

Thanks to the financial support of the Flemish Community (BIL
scientific cooperation project 01/33), we have been able to invite
some Romanian outstanding linguists working on the expression of Time
and Space in Romania and abroad:

Larisa Avram
Alexandra Cornilescu
Alexandra Cunita
Maria Iliescu
Maria M. Manoliu
Sanda Reinheimer
Andra Vasilescu

Background: Since Reichenbach's (1947) influential study on the
linguistic encoding of temporal relations, much attention has been
paid to the way in which tense is expressed in natural languages. This
has resulted in studies investigating temporal relations, mainly
concerned with comparative aspects of tenses, such as the opposition
between perfective and imperfective tenses. More recently, efforts
have been made to address temporal relations not only with regard to
their interpretative aspect, but also with respect to their syntactic

In addition, current research aims at studying the more fundamental
connection between nouns and verbs, in particular with respect to the
expression of time and space: the way in which the interpretation of
tense is determined by the morphological expression of quantification
on the subject, cross-linguistic variation w.r.t. the interaction
between nominal and temporal quantification, etc.

General Topics:
The relationship between Tense, Mode and Aspect. One or several
distinct notions? Syntax, semantics and pragmatics of Concordantia
temporum. Comparison between languages. Historical raising of the
forms. Evolution in the uses. Parallels between the expression of
time and the expression of space. The interaction between verbal and
nominal quantification Conference languages are English and French.

See also

Thursday 23 September 2004

9.00-9.25 Registration

Jacqueline Gu�ron
Spatio-temporal interpretation and fragmented event roles

D'Alessandro, Roberta
The interaction between verbal and nominal quantification: aspect,
temporal boundedness and the interpretation of indefinites

Beline Mendes, Ronald
>From perfective to imperfective - Ter + partic�pio in Brazilian and
European Portuguese

10.35-11.05 Coffee break
Remberger, Eva-Maria
Time and auxiliary selection in Italian

Lansari, Laure
Be going to and aller: metaphor hypothesis and contrastive analysis

Maria M. Manoliu
This Chameleon of Present! Political Discours and deixis ad phantasma

12.10-14.00 Lunch break

Fabio Pianesi

Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
Simple Tense

Armoskaite, Solveiga
Towards a typology of aspectual tests: three and half tests in Yoruba
and Lithuanian

Stolova, Natalya
Expressing time through space: a comparative diachronic perspective on
Romance periphrastic past and future

Achard-Bayle, Guy
Les corr�lats et la dynamique spatio-temporelle du texte

15.45-16.15 Coffee break

Ojeda, Almerindo
The partitive structures of the spaces and times one can talk about

Maillat, Didier
Reference Frames: from time to directional expressions

Van Geenhoven, Veerle
A Semantics of Temporal and Spatial Pluractionality Without Events

Mortier, Liesbeth
L'aspect progressif en voie de grammaticalisation : �tre en train de
INF et ses �quivalents n�erlandais

Carmen Sorin

19h30 Conference Dinner

Friday 24 September 2004: Workshop Romanian
General Session Workshop Romanian

9.30-10.00 Maria Iliescu
TBA: Temporalit� et d�terminants d�monstratifs roumains et

10.05-10.35 Espunya, Anna
Spatial perspectives in the time domain: On the semantics of the
Spanish and Catalan perifrases estar + gerund and ir +gerund

Miron, Mihaela
Temporalit� et nom propre

10.35-11.05 Coffee

11.05-11.35 Larisa Avram
Romanian early root verbal inflection is optionally [- finite]

De Cuyper, Gretel
The Heterogeneity of Telicity

Manolache, Simona
Les syntagmes d�monstratifs temporels en roumain

Alexandra Cunita
Le futur et la strat�gie du rejet de l'intention de l'interlocuteur

12.45-14.30 Lunch break

Sanda Reinheimer & Liliane Tasmowski

Beheydt, Griet
It's all over...
Referring to 'past' situations in English and Dutch

Costachescu, Adriana
Mode d'action, aspect, relations discursives: � propos des
subordonn�es temporelles

15.35-16.05 Coffee

Andra Vasilescu

Crainiceanu, Ilinca
On the Aspectual Underspecificity of the Romanian Perfect Compus and
its Consequences

Busuoic, Ileana
Sur le continuum spatialit�-temporalit�-modalit�: la p�riphrase
verbale era (aproape/c�t pe ce) sa + SUBJ en roumain

Alexandra Cornilescu
Romanian Adjectives and the Stage Level / Individual Level Contrast

20h Romanian concert
Teodora Gheorghiu (4th price Queen Elisabeth Competition Singing 2004)
Laura Bos (BA Music, Piano, Rotterdam Conservatorium)

Saturday 25 September 2004
Giuliana Giusti
At the left periphery of the noun phrase

Katz, Graham
Perfectivity, imperfectivity and typological variation

Sevdali, Christina
Tense and Ancient Greek infinitives

11.00-11.30 Coffee

Ileana Comorovski
Copular Questions and Rigid Designation

Horrocks, Geoffrey & Melita Stavrou
Grammaticalised aspect and spatio-temporal culmination

Alexandru Grosu
(joint work with Manfred Krifka)
Argumental Relative constructions with a Postcopular Gap: The
licensing role of temporal and modal operators

Klimek, Dorota Bare Nominals in Aspectual Composition
Klimek, Dorota & Ewa Rudnicka Perfectivity vs. Telicity
Nikitina, Tatiana Marking shift of time reference in Wan
Vaguer, C�line Dans : l'expression de la co�ncidence spatio-temporelle
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