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Mon Jan 12 2004

Disc: Re: Grammatical Gender

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  1. Joseph F Foster, Re: 14.3581, Disc: Re: Grammatical Gender

Message 1: Re: 14.3581, Disc: Re: Grammatical Gender

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 18:08:24 -0500
From: Joseph F Foster <>
Subject: Re: 14.3581, Disc: Re: Grammatical Gender

Happy New Year Y'all
 With respect to the comments, observations, and information in
LINGUIST 14.3581, we were not furnished the Table of Contents and
Index But we were given in the original information the book's
subtitle. The subtitle reads "The linguistic representation of women
and men".

And that is not, repeat not, what gender is about. If indeed, as it
seems, the book is really about real gender and not sex, then it is a
better book than the misleading subtitle would lead us to suppose.

My objection stands.
Glad Yule and Prosit zum neuen Jahr.
Joe Foster
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