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Books: Applied Linguistics/Syntax, English: Omer et al

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        1.    Ulrich Lueders, Elements of the English Sentence: Omer, Mohamed-Sayidina

Message 1: Elements of the English Sentence: Omer, Mohamed-Sayidina

Date: 03-Oct-2004
From: Ulrich Lueders <>
Subject: Elements of the English Sentence: Omer, Mohamed-Sayidina

Title: Elements of the English Sentence
Series Title: LINCOM Language Textbooks 03

Published: 2004
Publisher: Lincom GmbH

Author: Majzoub R Omer
Author: Aisha Hamid Mohamed-Sayidina, University of Toronto

Paperback: ISBN: 3895863434 Pages: 263 Price: Europe EURO 42


Elements of the English Sentence is intended for advanced students of
English grammar studying at the undergraduate or post-graduate level. The
text is also extremely useful as a reference guide for EFL/ESL teachers of
English Grammar and composition.

The text views the English sentence as consisting of various formal and
functional categories, operating at different syntactic ranks related to
each other in a hierarchical fashion. The word represents the lowest
syntactic rank. It contains various formal categories such as nouns, verbs,
and adjectives. These are discussed with reference to their formal,
semantic, and functional features. The latter refers to the functional
categories they express within the syntactic rank just above the word, the

Groups (made up of words) are discussed in terms of their types (e.g.,
noun, adjective, embedded, non-embedded groups), their internal functional
categories (pre-modifier, head, post-modifier), and the functional
categories they express within the syntactic rank just above the group, the
clause. The group's functional categories are discussed in terms of what
they mean, their position in relation to each other within the group, and
the formal categories used to realize them.These are typically words, but
they can be embedded groups or bound clauses.

Clauses (made up of groups) are discussed in terms of their types (e.g.,
free, bound, finite, non-finite, embedded, non-embedded, nominal,
adjectival), their syntactic relations to each other (coordination,
subordination), and their internal functional categories (e.g., subject,
object, compliment). These are discussed in terms of what they mean, where
they occur within the clause, how they are combined to make different
clause patterns, and what formal categories are used to express them. These
are typically groups but they are often embedded bound clauses.

The sentence (made up of clauses as its formal elements) is the highest
syntactic rank. Sentences are different types according to their meaning
(e.g., declarative, interrogative, imperative) or their form with reference
to the clause complexes they contain (e.g., complex, compound).

The text ends with a comprehensive list of all the formal categories at the
different syntactic ranks, together with the functional categories
expressed by each. Each chapter ends with many exercises meant to provide
intensive practical work for the book user. The text also provides an
answer key to the exercises in order to help those studying independently.

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax
                            Applied Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English (Language Code: ENG)

Written In: English (Language Code: ENG )

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