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Books: Ling Theories, Romance: Bok-Bennema et al (Eds)

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        1.    Paul Peranteau, Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2002: Bok-Bennema, Hollebrandse, Kampers-Manhe, Sleeman (Eds)

Message 1: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2002: Bok-Bennema,
Hollebrandse, Kampers-Manhe, Sleeman (Eds)

Date: 19-Oct-2004
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2002: Bok-Bennema,
Hollebrandse, Kampers-Manhe, Sleeman (Eds)

Title: Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2002
Subtitle: Selected papers from 'Going Romance', Groningen, 28-30 November 2002
Series Title: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 256

Published: 2004
Publisher: John Benjamins

Book URL:

Editor: Reineke Bok-Bennema, University of Groningen
Editor: Bart Hollebrandse, University of Groningen
Editor: Brigitte Kampers-Manhe, University of Groningen
Editor: Petra Sleeman, University of Amsterdam

Hardback: ISBN: 1588115852 Pages: viii, 273 pp. Price: U.S. $ 119.00
Hardback: ISBN: 9027247706 Pages: viii, 273 pp. Price: Europe EURO 99.00


The Going Romance conferences are a major European annual discussion forum
for theoretically relevant research on Romance languages. Selected papers
are published in the Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory volumes. This
is the fourth such volume, containing a selection of the papers that have
been presented at the 2002 conference, which was held at the State
University of Groningen. The three-day program included a workshop on
Acquisition. The articles in this volume focalize on specifics of one or
more Romance languages or varieties: clausal structure, verb-movement,
topic, focus and reinforcement constructions, nominal ellipsis, (absence
of) pronouns in child language, and other current issues in Romance

Table of contents

Tense, Quantification and Clause Structure in EP and BP. Evidence from a
Comparative Study on Sempre
Manuela Ambar, Manuela Gonzaga and Esmeralda Vailati Negrão 1

Early 'Pragmatic' Competence and its Implications regarding the Null
Subject Phenomenon
Cécile De Cat 17

On the Impact of French Subject Clitics on the Information Structure of the
Cécile De Cat 33

A Restricted View of Head Movement
Heles Contreras 47

The Effects of Phonological Cues on the Syntax of Focus Constructions in
Laura Dominguez 69

Optional Infinitives or Silent Auxes? New Evidence from Romance
Cristina Dye 83

Dislocation, Clitic Resumption and Minmality. A Comparative Analysis of
Left and Right Topic Constructions in Italian
Mara Frascarelli 99

Focus on Negative Concord
Daniela Isac 119

Romance and 'Something Else'
Daniela Isac and Charles Reiss 141

Learnability Order in the French Pronominal System
Jacqueline van Kampen 163

Nominal Ellipsis and Morphological Structure in Spanish
Laura Kornfeld and Andrés Saab 183

The Development of Inalienable Possession in English and Spanish
Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux, Cristina Schmitt and Alan Munn 199

Segmental and Featural Strategies to Avoid Adjacent Sibilant Segments in
Balearic Catalan. An Optimality Account
Claudia Pons Moll 217

-Tu in Quebec French as a (Super)positive Marker
Marie-Thérèse Vinet 235

Feature Checking and Object Clitic Omission in Child Catalan and Spanish
Ken Wexler, Anna Gavarró and Vincenç Torrens 253

Index of languages and dialects 270

Subject Index 269

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology
                            Generative Linguistics
                            Linguistic Theories

Subject Language(s): Catalan-valencian-balear (Language Code: CLN)
                            English (Language Code: ENG)
                            French (Language Code: FRN)
                            Italian (Language Code: ITN)
                            Spanish (Language Code: SPN)
Language Family(ies): Romance

Written In: English (Language Code: ENG )

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