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Thu Jan 29 2004

Confs: General Linguistics/New York, NY USA

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  1. jdavis, 8th International Columbia School Conference

Message 1: 8th International Columbia School Conference

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 17:07:44 -0500 (EST)
From: jdavis <>
Subject: 8th International Columbia School Conference

8th International Columbia School Conference 

Date: 14-Feb-2004 - 16-Feb-2004
Location: New York, NY, United States of America
Contact: Joseph Davis
Contact Email: 

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics 

Meeting Description:

Eighth International Columbia School Conference
on the Interaction of Linguistic Form and Meaning with Human Behavior
City College, New York City
February 14-15, 2004

All events take place in the Amsterdam Room, 3rd floor (north wing),
North Academic Center


Saturday, February 14

9:00-9:15	Welcome

9:15-9:45	Monosemy vs Polysemy Revisited
	 Wallis Reid (Rutgers University)

9:45-10:00	Discussion

10:00-10:30	Phonology as Human Behavior from an Evolutionary Point of View
	 Yishai Tobin (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

10:30-10:45	Discussion

10:45-11:00	Break

11:00-11:20	Resultativeness in English: A Sign-Oriented Approach
	 Marina Gorlach (Metropolitan State College of Denver)

11:20-11:30	Discussion

11:30-11:50	The Structure of the Japanese Causal System: kara and node
	 Hidemi Sugi (University of California, Los Angeles)

11:50-12:00	Discussion

12:00-12:20	Articulatory (Sub)gestures as Discrete-Valued Scalars
	 Thomas Eccardt (independent scholar)

12:20-12:30	Discussion

12:30-1:30	Lunch

1:30-1:50 	The Single Pragmatic Meaning of the Mandarin
		BA-Construction: A Sign-based Analysis
	 Zhuo Jing-Schmidt (University of Cologne)

1:50-2:00	Discussion

2:00-2:20	Structuring Cues Provided by English yet, but, and still
	 Charlene Crupi (Rutgers University)

2:20-2:30	Discussion

2:30-2:50	Summary presentation of two co-authored works:
		1. Suprasegmental Features in Normal and Pathological Speech of
		Buenos Aires Spanish According to the Theory of Phonology as Human
		Claudia Enbe (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), Jorge Gurlekian
		(Laboratorio de Investigaciones Sensoriales, Consejo Nacional de
		Investigaciones Cient�ficas y T�cnicas), and Yishai Tobin
		2. 'Non-Vocalization' - A Phonological Error Process
		in the Speech of Adults with Hearing Impairment - from the Point
		of View of the Theory of Phonology as Human Behavior
		Orly Halpern and Yishai Tobin (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

2:50-3:00	Discussion

3:00-3:15	Break

3:15-3:35 	What Happens with the Meaning when a Lexical Item Extends
		its Range? The Development of Spanish bueno from Adjective to
		Discourse Particle
	 Francisco Ocampo (University of Minnesota)

3:35-3:45	Discussion

3:45-4:05	The Morphological Incorporation of Inflectional Meaning in Fusional 
	 Mark Elson (University of Virginia)

4:05-4:15	Discussion

4:15-4:45	Kinship Terms and Asymmetrical Animacy in Swahili
	 Ellen Contini-Morava (University of Virginia)
4:45-5:00	Discussion

5:00		Cocktails
Sunday, February 15

9:00-9:45	Business meeting
9:45-10:00	Break

10:00-11:00	Invited speaker: Ricardo Otheguy (Graduate Center, CUNY)
	 Fishing in the Columbia River: Pronouns, Predictions, 
		and Expeditions

11:00-11:30	Discussion

11:30-11:45	Break

11:45-12:05 	The Sign Through Time: A Sign-Oriented Diachronic Analysis
		of the French Present and Imperfect Subjunctives
	 Igor Dreer (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

12:05-12:15	Discussion

12:15-12:35 	The Development of the Hebrew Vowel System According to
		the Principles of the Theory of Phonology as Human Behavior
	 Alexey Yuditsky (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

12:35-12:45	Discussion

12:45-1:45	Lunch

1:45-2:45	Invited speaker: Betty Birner (Northern Illinois University)
	 Form, Function, and Inference in English Noncanonical Constructions

2:45-3:15	Discussion

3:15-3:30	Break

Session on linguistics in education (3:30-5:45)

3:30-3:50	Making Grammar Meaningful for Teachers
	 Joseph Davis (City College) and Betsy Rodriguez-Bachiller 
		(Kean University)

3:50-4:00	Discussion

4:00-4:30	Two Model Lesson Plans for Teaching Meaningful Grammar to Children
	 Antonio Perez-Espinar, Michele Wan (City College)

4:30-4:45	Discussion
4:45-5:00	Break

5:00-5:30	A Model Columbia-School ESL Lesson
	 Alan Huffman (New York City College of Technology, CUNY)
5:30-5:45	Discussion

5:45-6:05	Non-standard like
	 Robert Leonard and Lisa Gangi (Hofstra University)
6:05-6:15	Discussion
* * * * * * * *
The Conference is sponsored by
The School of Education, CCNY

The support of
The Columbia School Linguistic Society
is gratefully acknowledged
* * * * * * * *

Conference organizers: Joseph Davis (City College), Nancy Stern (City
College), and Yishai Tobin (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
Thanks to Bob de Jonge (Groningen University) and Michael Kaplan (CSLS)
Contact: Joseph Davis
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