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Wed Dec 01 2004

Qs: Parenthetical 'what'; Frequency of Syntactic Types

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        1.    Yordanka Kavalova, Parenthetical 'what'
        2.    roy wilson, Frequency of Syntactic Types

Message 1: Parenthetical 'what'

Date: 30-Nov-2004
From: Yordanka Kavalova <>
Subject: Parenthetical 'what'

Dear linguists, 
 I'm a PhD student and work on parentheticals in English. I'm currently
 looking into parenthetical 'what' and was wondering if any of you is aware
 of any previous publications/research carried out on that particular
 What I mean by parenthetical 'what' is illustrated in (1) and (2):
 1. And I know it rhymes with The Terminator which was a big movie *what*
 ten years ago. (from American Pie II)
 2. These [the paintings] are huge, they are between *what* six and seven
 feet long. (Fiona Bruce, BBC1, Crimewatch UK, 28 Oct 2004)
 Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation. I will summarise and
 post all relevant information on the LinguistList.
 Kind regards, 
 Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis

Message 2: Frequency of Syntactic Types

Date: 01-Dec-2004
From: roy wilson <>
Subject: Frequency of Syntactic Types

I am interested in differences between written and spoken English in
regards to the relative frequency of syntactic types, especially adverbial
clauses. Can anyone recommend some places to look?

Roy Wilson 

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax

Subject Language(s): English (Language Code: ENG)
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