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Tue Dec 07 2004

Qs: Sexual Innuendo; Anthropology Anecdote

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        1.    Alannah Witherby, Sexual Innuendo
        2.    Jussi Karlgren, Anthropology Anecdote

Message 1: Sexual Innuendo

Date: 07-Dec-2004
From: Alannah Witherby <>
Subject: Sexual Innuendo

Does anybody know of any papers written about sexual innuendo in the field of pragmatics and cognition, other than that written by Bell? Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science

Message 2: Anthropology Anecdote

Date: 07-Dec-2004
From: Jussi Karlgren <>
Subject: Anthropology Anecdote

Friends, An oft-repeated field linguistics-cum-field anthropology anecdote in coffee rooms around academic institutions around the world goes something like this: ''There are toponyms in some exotic parts of the world that are phonetically mangled variants of 'a mountain' and 'yes, that is another mountain' and 'you stupid anthropologist, that is also a mountain'.'' Is there any truth in this anecdote? I guess various ethnonyms of the type ''people'' ''human'' ''foreign-language-speaker'' may be examples of this. Does anyone have more concrete examples? J Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics

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