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Wed Dec 08 2004

TOC: Journal of Phonetics 32:3 (2004)

Editor for this issue: Megan Zdrojkowski <>

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        1.    Julie Walker, Journal of Phonetics 32:3

Message 1: Journal of Phonetics 32:3

Date: 08-Dec-2004
From: Julie Walker <>
Subject: Journal of Phonetics 32:3

Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.

Journal Title: Journal of Phonetics
Volume Number: 32
Issue Number: 3
Issue Date: Jul-2004

Main Text:

Editorial Board / Subscription Information
pp CO2
Full text via ScienceDirect :

An acoustic analysis of the bidirectionality of coarticulation in VCV
G. Modarresi, H. Sussman, B. Lindblom, E. Burlingame
pp 291-312
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Final lowering in non-final position
H. Truckenbrodt
pp 313-348
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Word prosodic structure and vowel duration in Dutch
T. Rietveld, J. Kerkhoff, C. Gussenhoven
pp 349-371
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Falling intonation in the one- and two-syllable utterances of infants
and preschoolers
D. Snow
pp 373-393
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Identification and discrimination of Mandarin Chinese tones by
Mandarin Chinese vs. French listeners
P.A. Halle, Y.-C. Chang, C.T. Best
pp 395-421
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Vowel normalization: the role of fundamental frequency and upper
B. Halberstam, L.J. Raphael
pp 423-434
Full text via ScienceDirect :

The effect of syllable position on consonant reduction (evidence from
Catalan consonant clusters)
D. Recasens
pp 435-453
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics

Subject Language(s): Chinese, Mandarin (CHN)
                            Catalan-valencian-balear (CLN)
                            Dutch (DUT)

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