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Mon Dec 13 2004

Qs: Dictaphone for Fieldwork; Zimbabwe/Zambia Linguist

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        1.    Shubhangi Kardile, Use of dictaphones for linguistic fieldwork
        2.    Ann Evans, Linguists in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Message 1: Use of dictaphones for linguistic fieldwork

Date: 11-Dec-2004
From: Shubhangi Kardile <>
Subject: Use of dictaphones for linguistic fieldwork

Hello everybody,
 I am a Ph.D. student at Deccan College PG & Research Institute. I would
 like to know if dictaphones, which are generally used by doctors and
 lawyers, are useful for linguistic fieldwork? I will be thankfull if I get
 any feedback on this. I have just read the summary posted on use of iPods
 in linguistic fieldwork and came to know that they are not useful and
 preferred. Since dictaphones are also compatible to computers I am
 intterested to know about the issue. I'll post the summary of responses
 which I'll get. 
 Thnak you in advance.
 Shubangi Kardile
 Deapartment of Linguistics
 Deccan College PG & Research Institute
 Pune India 
 Linguistic Field(s): Language Description

Message 2: Linguists in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Date: 13-Dec-2004
From: Ann Evans <>
Subject: Linguists in Zimbabwe and Zambia

I have been doing work on endangered languages and language rights, and
while I am visiting Harare and Lusaka (I will also be able to visit other
places in each country) would like to meet with linguists or language
experts who could help me get to know the effects of language policies on
local languages.  I would like to gather some data to compare with data
regarding other unrelated languages.


Linguistic Field(s): Language Description
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