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Sun Feb 1 2004

Support: Syntax/Phonology: Ph.D. Student, Tilburg U

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  1. hans broekhuis, Syntax/Phonology: Ph.D. Student, Tilburg University

Message 1: Syntax/Phonology: Ph.D. Student, Tilburg University

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 05:15:05 -0500 (EST)
From: hans broekhuis <>
Subject: Syntax/Phonology: Ph.D. Student, Tilburg University

The Models of Grammar Group (GM) at Tilburg University invites
applications for admission from prospective Ph.D. students. The
GM-group (staff: Hans Broekhuis, Ben Hermans, Riny Huybregts, L�szl�
Moln�rfi, Henk van Riemsdijk (chair), and Craig Thiersch) is
specialized in syntax and phonology, and within the Humanities Faculty
and its close partner, the Linguistics Department at Nijmegen
University it is integrated with groups working on formal semantics,
computational linguistics, psycho- and sociolinguistics, and
phonetics. Furthermore, our program is integrated with the Dutch
National Linguistics Research Network (LOT) through which contacts
with and the use of resources from the other linguistics departments
in the Netherlands are facilitated. The program leads to a Ph.D.
degree in four years. Classwork requirements are organized within
LOT. Further information about the GM Group can be found on our

The GM-research program is called Changing Perspectives on Linguistic
Architecture. It focuses on foundational issues pertaining to the
characterization of the human language system, the internalized
grammar. Its two major pillars are, first, the Design of Language
which concentrates on the question of what the nature of phonological,
syntactic and informational structure is and how these structures are
built up. What operations are involved and what conditions must they
satisfy? As the program title suggests, emphasis is on novel
approaches to these questions. The second pillar is called
Consolidating the Foundations in which we attempt to consolidate the
major results of generative linguistic research over the past 5
decades. Two major projects are being carried out to help achieve this
goal, the Modern Grammar of Dutch (MGD) and the Syntax Companion

Prospective Ph.D. students are expected to work on a project that fits
in this overall program. In view of the current composition of the
group, applications from prospective phonologists are particularly

Candidates are expected to have a solid background in linguistics. For
most countries this means that they should have completed an MA degree
or hold an equivalent diploma. Applications should be accompanied by a
statement of purpose that should include an indication of what the
candidate hopes or expects to work on, a curriculum vitae, a sample of
recently written papers (if any), and three names (preferably with
e-mail addresses and telephone numbers) of people willing to write a
letter of recommendation or to provide information about the candidate
in some other form. Furthermore, students whose native language is not
Dutch or English should submit satisfactory evidence for their
proficiency in English. Deadline for the receipt of applications is
March 1 2004. Admission decisions may be expected by by the end of
March and the start of the position is September 1 2004.

The successful candidate will be appointed in the rank of research
trainee with a beginning salary of 1683 Euros per month, ending with
2258 Euros in the 4th year. Furthermore, the usual facilities (desk,
computer, some travel money) are offered, as well as support with
housing, immigrations, etc. (no guarantees, though).

Information from and applications to: 

Henk van Riemsdijk
Tilburg University 
Fac. of Arts/GM
P.O. Box 90153
NL - 5000 LE -- TILBURG
The Netherlands

Fax: +31 13 4663110. 
Tel: +31 13 4662773/4662642. 
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