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Sat Feb 7 2004

TOC: International J/o Corpus Ling Vol 8/2 (2004)

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  1. paul, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 8:2 (2004)

Message 1: International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 8:2 (2004)

Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 09:37:31 -0500 (EST)
From: paul <>
Subject: International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 8:2 (2004)

Publisher: John Benjamins
Journal Title: International Journal of Corpus Linguistics
Volume Number: 8
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2004

Main text:
A modal shock absorber, empathiser/emphasiser and qualifier 
G�ran Kjellmer 145-168 
Genitive and of -construction in modern written
English. Processability and human involvement
Rolf Kreyer 169-207 
Collostructions: Investigating the interaction of words and
Anatol Stefanowitsch and Stefan Th. Gries 209-243 
A multifactorial corpus analysis of adjective order in English 
Stefanie Wulff 245-282 
Measure Noun constructions: An instance of semantically-driven
Lieselotte Brems 283-312 

Review of "English Abstract Nouns as Conceptual Shells: From Corpus to
Cognition" by Hans-J�rg Schmid
John Flowerdew 313-322 
Review of "Computer Learner Corpora, Second Language Acquisition and
Foreign Language Teaching" by Sylviane Granger, Joseph Hung, &
Stephanie Petch-Tyson (Eds.)
Nadja Nesselhauf 322-327 
Review of "Corpora in Applied Linguistics" by Susan Hunston 
Karin Aijmer 327-330 

Review of "Learning with Corpora" by Guy Aston (Ed.) 
Federica Barbieri 331-332 
Review of "Apologising in British English" by Deutschmann, Mats 
Linn�a Anglemark 332-333 
Review of "Using Corpora to Explore Linguistic Variation" by Reppen,
Randi, Susan M. Fitzmaurice, & Douglas Biber (Eds.)
Linn�a Anglemark 333
Review of "On Verbal Concord with Collective Nouns in British English"
by Depraetere, Ilse
Peter Grund 334 
Review of "Adjectival Forms in Middle English: Syntactic and Semantic
Implications" by Moskowich-Spiegel Fandi�o, Isabel, & Bego�a Crespo
Peter Grund 334-335 

Contents of Volume 8 337-338

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