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TOC: J/o the International Phonetic Association 33/2

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  1. sarah, Journal of the International Phonetic Association: 33:2

Message 1: Journal of the International Phonetic Association: 33:2

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 09:13:39 -0500 (EST)
From: sarah <>
Subject: Journal of the International Phonetic Association: 33:2

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Journal Title: Journal of the International Phonetic Association
Volume Number: 33
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: Dec 2003

Main text:
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An acoustic analysis of Norwegian /�/ and /[small Esh]/ as spoken by
young people
Wim A. van Dommelen

IPA vowel symbols for British English in dictionaries
Jack Windsor Lewis
Duration of epenthetic [t] in polysyllabic American English words
Isaiah WonHo Yoo, Barbara Blankenship

Effects of consonant aspiration on Mandarin tones
Ching X. Xu, Yi Xu
Phonetics and physiology of the historical shift of uvulars to
pharyngeals in Nuuchahnulth (Nootka)
Barry F. Carlson, John H. Esling

Tonal and durational correlates of accent in contexts of downstep in
Lekeitio Basque
Gorka Elordieta, Jos� Ignacio Hualde
On the intonation of a South Wales "Valleys accent" of English
J. Roderick Walters


KEITH JOHNSON, Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics. Maldon, MA & Oxford:
Blackwell, 2003. Pp. viii + 182. ISBN: 1-405-10123-7 (pbk),
1-405-10122-9 (hbk)
David M. Howard
RICHARD CAULDWELL, Streaming Speech: Listening and Pronunciation for
Advanced Learners of English. Birmingham: Speech in Action,
2002. Windows CD-ROM
Jane Setter
PHILIP CARR, English Phonetics and Phonology: An Introduction. Malden,
MA & Oxford: Blackwell, 1999. Pp. xviii + 169. ISBN 0-631-19776-1
Dominic Watt
LARRY SMALL, Fundamentals of Phonetics: A Practical Guide for
Students. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1999. Pp. viii + 360. ISBN
Martin J. Ball
JOAN BYBEE, Phonology and Language Use. Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2001. Pp. xvii + 237. ISBN 0 521 583748
Deborah James
LINDA SHOCKEY, Sound Patterns of Spoken English. Oxford: Blackwell,
2003. Pp. 156. ISBN: 0-631-23080-7 (pbk), 0-631-23079-3 (hbk)
David Deterding


Castilian Spanish
Eugenio Mart�nez-Celdr�n, Ana Ma. Fern�ndez-Planas, Josefina
Standard Yiddish
Ane Kleine

Tyneside English
Dominic Watt, William Allen
Lingfield: 	Phonetics
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