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TOC: English World-Wide Vol 24, No 2 (2004)

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  1. paul, English World-Wide 24:2 (2003)

Message 1: English World-Wide 24:2 (2003)

Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 15:22:38 -0500 (EST)
From: paul <>
Subject: English World-Wide 24:2 (2003)

Publisher: John Benjamins
Journal Title: English World-Wide
Volume Number: 24
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2004

Main text:

Verb complementation patterns in Indian Standard English 
Eugenia Olavarr�a de Ersson and Philip Shaw 137-161 

The spread of English in two parts of the Northern Area of Pakistan,
1980-2002: A comparative study of Chilas and Hunza
Brian Harlech-Jones, Shamshad Sajid and Shams ur-Rahman 163-200 

Stress and rhythm in the Nigerian accent of English: A preliminary
Inyang Udofot 201-220 

Xhosa English as an institutionalised variety of English: In search of
Vivian de Klerk 221-243 

The regional and sociolinguistic dimension of /hw/ maintenance and
loss in early 20th century New Zealand English
Daniel Schreier, Elizabeth Gordon, Jennifer Hay and Margaret MacLagan 245-269 

Simplification and redistribution: An account of modal verb usage in
Tyneside English
Graeme Trousdale 271-284 

Book reviews 

Review of "Black Linguistics: Language, Society, and Politics in
Africa and the Americas" by Sinfree Makoni, Geneva Smitherman, Arnetha
F. Ball and Arthur K. Spears (eds)
Nkonko M. Kamwangamalu 285-289 

Review of "Sociocultural and Historical Contexts of African American
English" by Sonja L. Lanehart (ed.)
Walter F. Edwards 289-295 

Review of "Fine in the World: Lumbee Language in Time and Place" by
Walt Wolfram, Clare Dannenberg, Stanley Knick and Linda Oxendine
Stephanie Hackert 295-299 

Review of "Beyond Babel - English on the World Stage" by Ron Blythe
Edgar W. Schneider 299-303 

Review of "Handbook of Perceptual Dialectology, Vol. 1 & 2" by Daniel
Long and Dennis R. Preston (eds.)
Manfred G�rlach 303-307 

Shorter notices 

Book notice: "Perspectives on English as a World Language" by
D. J. Allerton, Paul Skandera and Cornelia Tschichold (eds)
Manfred G�rlach 309-310 

Book notice: "Hong Kong English: Autonomy and Creativity" by Kingsley
Bolton (ed.)
Manfred G�rlach 310-311 

Book notice: "International Communication. English Language Challenges
for Malaysia" by Saran Kaur Gill
Edgar W. Schneider 311-314 

Book notice: "Sociolinguistics: The Essential Readings" by Christina
Bratt Paulston and G. Richard Tucker (eds.)
Daniel Schreier 314-317 

Book notice: "Historical Sociolinguistics: Language Change in Tudor
and Stuart England" by Terttu Nevalainen and Helena Raumolin-Brunberg
Manfred G�rlach 317-319 

Book notice: "Variation Past and Present. VARIENG Studies on English
for Terttu Nevalainen" by Helena Raumolin-Brunberg, Minna Nevala, Arja
Nurmi and Matti Rissanen (eds.)
Edgar W. Schneider 319-321 

Book notice: "The Mercat Anthology of Early Scottish Literature" by
R. D. S. Jack and P. A. T. Rozendaal (eds.)
Manfred G�rlach 321-322 

Publications received 323-324 

Contents to Volume 24 325-326
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