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Thu Feb 19 2004

Qs: Tungus-Manchurian; Non-Constituent Coordination

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  1. Yuri Tambovtsev, Tungus-Manchurian electronic texts
  2. John Beavers, Non-Constituent Coordination Cross-Linguistically

Message 1: Tungus-Manchurian electronic texts

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 20:59:32 +0600
From: Yuri Tambovtsev <>
Subject: Tungus-Manchurian electronic texts

Dear colleagues in the fiel of linguistics, do you know where to get
Manchurian Ugyghe, Evenk, Even, Nigidal or any other Tungus-Manchurian
electronic texts? Are there any corpora of Tungus-Manchurian
languages? May be in Japan? Is it possible to get a 100 word Swadesh
list of Tungus-Manchurian languages? Looking forward to hearing from
you soon to Remain yours sincerely and hopefully
Yuri Tambovtsev
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Message 2: Non-Constituent Coordination Cross-Linguistically

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 19:48:48 -0500 (EST)
From: John Beavers <>
Subject: Non-Constituent Coordination Cross-Linguistically

Hi, I'm currently investigating various non-constituent coordination
phenomena, and I'm curious what cross-linguistic work has been done
on two subclasses of this phenomenon: right node raising (RNR;
e.g. ''John wanted, and Mary thought Bill needed, another cup of
coffee'') and argument cluster coordination (ACC; e.g. ''John gave
Bill a book and Mary a record'' or ''John saw Kim on Tuesday and Sandy
on Wednesday'' where two or greater non-constituents of some form are
coordinated, cf. Steedman (1996,2000)). I'm particularly interested
in whether there are languages that are lacking either RN R, ACC, or
both. I've been informed that some dialects of French may lack ACC
but all the native speakers I've consulted seem fine with it. Any
references or knowledge of such languages would be greatly
appreciated. A summary will be posted. (NB: There was a previous
post in 2000 by John te Vel de, LINGUIST List 11.2073, on just RNR but
I'm asking again as I'm also curious about the interaction of RNR and


John Beavers

Department of Linguistics
Stanford University
Stanford, CA, 94305
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