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Mon Mar 8 2004

FYI: Dissertation Series LOT Now Online

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  1. Heuvel, Keetje van den, Dissertation Series Now Online, Netherlands Graduate School of Ling

Message 1: Dissertation Series Now Online, Netherlands Graduate School of Ling

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 11:24:22 -0500 (EST)
From: Heuvel, Keetje van den <>
Subject: Dissertation Series Now Online, Netherlands Graduate School of Ling

Dissertation Series LOT now electronically available

LOT (the Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics / Landelijke
Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap) participates in a project for
electronic publishing and printing-on-demand. You can order these
publications through

Both the Dissertation Series and the Occasional Series profit from
this initiative. The following publications are electronically
available now:


87 'Aspectual Pairing in Polish' by Anna Mlynarczyk
86 'The Morphosyntax of Argument Realization: Greek Argument Structure
and the Lexicon-Syntax Interface' by Dimitra Papangeli
85 'The Phonological Word in Tilburg Dutch' by Francine Swets
84 'Plural pronominal anaphora in context' by Rick Nouwen
83 'Scrambling Unscrambled' by V�ronique van Gelderen
82 'Language development in children with psychiatric impairment' by
Claudia Blankenstijn and Annette Scheper
81 'Dutch sonorants' by Erik Jan van der Torre
80 'Object drop in the L1 acquisition of Dutch' by Erica Thrift
79 'The Arabic noun phrase' by Joost Kremers
78 'Classifying hand configurations in Nederlandse Gebarentaal' by
Inge Zwitserlood
77 'Linguistic complexity' by Wouter Kusters
76 'Developing second-language listening comprehension by Petra
75 'The Phonetics and Phonology of Retroflexes' by Silke Hamann
74 'Cipient Predication. Unifying Double Object, Dative Experiencer
and Existential/Presentational Constructions' by Patrick Brandt
73 'Eliminating positions' by �ystein Nilsen
72 'Multiple operator movements in Hungarian' by Balazs Suranyi
71 'Aspects on aspect' by Paz Gonzalez
70 'From root infinitive to finite sentence' by Elma Blom
69 'Production and perception of fast speech' by Esther Janse
68 'Imaginary trialogues' by Esther Pascual
67 'How writers begin their sentences' by Aletta Smits
66 'Interactions in the Dutch adpositional domain' by Marjon Helmantel
65 'The phonology of verbal derivation in Bemba' by Nancy Chongo Kula
64 'Aspect and Reference time by Olga Borik
63 'The consonant phonotactics of Georgian' by Marika Butskhrikidze
62 'Boys buying two sausages each: on the syntax and semantics of
distance-distributivity' by Malte Zimmermann
61 'Empty nuclei in Korean'by Sang Jik Rhee
60 'Veranderingen in de Nederlandse aanspreekvormen van de dertiende
t/m de twintigste eeuw' by J.A.M. Vermaas
59 'Culture and conventions' by Joy Burrough-Boenisch
56 'Transparent parsing' by Iris Mulders
54 'Grammaticalization and Infinitival Complements in Dutch'by Aniek
52 'Speaking of Questions' by Judith
35 'Input and interaction in deaf families' by Beppie van den Bogaerde

Occasional Series:

1 'Usage-Based Approaches to Dutch' by Arie Verhagen and Jeroen van de
Weijer (eds)

For a list of other LOT publications which are not (yet)
electronically available please have a look at:

LOT offers its graduate students the possibility to publish their
dissertations in the LOT dissertation series. LOT also offers its
members the possibility to publish books in the LOT Occasional
Series. For conditions see under 'For
prospective authors'.
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