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Mon Mar 15 2004

All: Start of LINGUIST Fund Drive--Please Read!!

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Message 1: 2004 LINGUIST List Fund Drive

Date: 15 Mar 2004 00:40:55 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: 2004 LINGUIST List Fund Drive

Dear LINGUIST subscribers,

Believe it or not, a whole year has passed since we asked you to show
your support of LINGUIST by making a donation. It is now time for us
to call upon your generosity once again. You guessed it--the annual
LINGUIST Fund Drive has officially begun!

Last year we raised amounts that exceeded our goal of $50,000--we
ended up raising over $57,000! This year we have set our target at
$60,000. We need your help!

- For the over 1,230 of of you that did donate last year - Thank you
 once again! We hope that the services we provide have been useful
 and have improved, making you feel satisfied that the donation was
 worthwhile. We now humbly request that you extend your generosity
 and support us once again.

- For those of you that might not have supported LINGUIST yet, we hope
 that within the next few weeks we can convince you that by making a
 donation; you really are contributing to a worthy cause.

To anyone just entering the field of linguistics it would appear that
LINGUIST has been around forever. And given its current "high profile"
role in the discipline, it's easy to forget that LINGUIST began with
an unassuming message in December of 1990, announcing the formation of
a list whose goal is "to provide a forum for the discussion of those
issues which interest professional linguists". You can view this
relic at: . In the first
year of the LINGUIST List, listed subscribers numbered 161; there were
no student editors; and the crew numbered two--founders Anthony
Aristar and Helen Dry! During its first year in operation, LINGUIST
published 868 issues under just 5 topics: All, Confs, Calls, Disc, and
Miscellaneous. And as testament to the fact that the "crew" was two
university professors, a majority of the issues were posted on
Sundays, and there were many days when no issues were posted at all!

It is now over thirteen years later, and we have more than 18,700
LINGUIST subscribers in 107 different countries. However, in these
thirteen years, the LINGUIST List has grown into more than a mailing
list. There are now more than 2000 webpages that form the LINGUIST
List website. These pages, together with the gigantic amount of data
that is stored on our database server, are all accessible for free!
Where do you go if you want to find a job or postgraduate position?
Where do you find out about all the latest linguistic publications?
How can you disseminate your PhD dissertation to the community? The
answer to these and many other questions is The LINGUIST List.

In the weeks to come we will send you emails from our student editors,
each one highlighting different aspects of the site and some of the
behind the scenes stuff as well. Each email will also ask you, very
nicely of course, to make a small donation to LINGUIST. The money we
raise each year goes directly to supporting these students (of which I
am one) through their Masters degree, and keeps LINGUIST operating and
improving its services.

And how will we thank you for your kindness? Every year we like to
give our donors a gift, and this year is no exception. In Addition to
all of our regular premiums that you may remember from past fund
drives, this year we are offering a newly-designed long sleeve
T-Shirts and a LINGUIST List mousepad! Please see our premiums page
at: for pictures of the new
shirts along with pictures and descriptions of all of our other

The LINGUIST List is free to subscribers, always has been, and
hopefully always will be! Please help us reach our target of
$60,000. Even a small donation really does make a difference!

To donate now using our secure credit card form, please visit:

For all the information on how to donate, or how to pledge, please

Thank you very much for your support of LINGUIST!!
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Message 2: How to Donate to LINGUIST...

Date: 15 Mar 2004 00:40:24 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: How to Donate to LINGUIST...

This Year the LINGUIST List hope to raise $60,000. This money will go
to help keep the List running, by supporting all of our Student Editors
for the coming year.

There are many ways to donate to LINGUIST! 

You can donate right now using our secure credit card form, at:

You can also pledge right now and pay later, at:

For all information on donating, including information on how to
donate by check, money order, or wire transfer, please visit:

If you have already pledged to LINGUIST and would now like to pay 
by credit card, please go to:

and select 'PAY PREVIOUS PLEDGE' as the Type of Payment from the 
dropdown list provided.

Thank you very much for your support of LINGUIST!
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Message 3: Contributors So Far....

Date: 15 Mar 2004 05:44:45 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: Contributors So Far....

LINGUIST Contributors

Mainstays ($100 to $1000) 
 Bernadine W. Raiskums
 Minako O'Hagan
 World Wide Words
 - Plus 3 anonymous donors
Donors (Up to $50) 
 Diana C. Cook
 Olena Drozd
 Richard Waltereit


 Blackwell Publishing 
 CSLI Publications
 Cambridge University Press 
 Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd 
 Elsevier Ltd. 
 Equinox Publishing Ltd. 
 Georgetown University Press 
 John Benjamins
 Kingston Press Ltd 

 Kluwer Academic Publishers
 Lawrence Erlbaum Associates 
 MIT Press 
 Mouton de Gruyter 
 Oxford University Press 
 Routledge (Taylor and Francis) 


 Anthropological Linguistics 
 Arawak Publications 

 Canadian Journal of Linguistics
 Cascadilla Press 
 Graduate Linguistic Students' Assoc., Umass 
 International Pragmatics Assoc. 
 Linguistic Assoc. of Finland 
 MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 
 Multilingual Matters
 Pacific Linguistics 	 	
 Palgrave Macmillan 
 Pearson Longman 
 SIL International 
 St. Jerome Publishing Ltd. 
 Utrecht Institute of Linguistics 



Babel Technologies SA 
Butler Hill Group 
California State University, Fresno 
California State University, Fullerton 
Central Michigan University 
Centro Giacomo Piuccini - Italian language school
Cornell University 
de Taalstudio 
Georgetown University 
H5 Technologies 
iLumin Software Services 
International Graduate School of English 
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitt Frankfurt 
La Trobe University 
Michigan State University 
Middlesex University 
National Chi Nan University 
National University of Singapore 
Northern Illinois University 
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 
Princeton University 
Queen Mary, University of London 
Saarland University 
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
The George Washington University 
The Ohio State University 
The State University of New York at Buffalo 
The University of Auckland 
Toshiba Research Europe Ltd 
TUniversity at Albany 
University oc Cyprus 
University of British Columbia 
University of Colorado 
University of Edinburgh 
University of Groningen 
University of Maryland, College Park 
University of Massachusetts/Amherst 
University of Puerto Rico-R�o Piedras
University of Victoria 
Villanova University 

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