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Mon Apr 04 2005

Qs: Readings on L2 Acquistion;Dacian Plaques Discovery

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        1.    Johanna Rubba, Readings on L2 Acquistion
        2.    Massimo Bonasorte, Dacian Plaques Discovery

Message 1: Readings on L2 Acquistion

Date: 03-Apr-2005
From: Johanna Rubba <>
Subject: Readings on L2 Acquistion

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I am looking for a chapter-length (30 to 40 pp.) reading introducing
2nd-language acquisition theory to undergraduate teacher-ed students. I
have checked the following intro textbooks and not liked their chapters
on the subject for various reasons:

Grabe & Kaplan 1992, Intro to App Ling (too old)
O'Grady et al. 4th edition Contemp. Ling. (too hard)
Language Files 8th ed. (no L2 chapter)
Finegan 3rd ed.
Akmajian et al. 3rd ed.
Parker and Riley (old ed.)
Fromkin & Rodman 6th ed.

I'm looking for a balanced view that is current, i.e. includes
interlanguage, recent findings on age differences, learning styles,
etc., but is not overly focused on Universal Grammar. I'd like more than
a skim of the age and affective factor issues. The reading also has to
be in and about American English.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! I will summarize.
Johanna Rubba Associate Professor, Linguistics
English Department, California Polytechnic State University
One Grand Avenue San Luis Obispo, CA 93407
E-mail: Home page:

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition

Message 2: Dacian Plaques Discovery

Date: 03-Apr-2005
From: Massimo Bonasorte <>
Subject: Dacian Plaques Discovery

I'm Dr. massimo bonasorte I am an epigraphist of ancient near east, an
editor for many italian review. I'm looking for information about the
discovery of dacian plaques that the romanian archeologist Arurtoa Petan
have found. She think that are part of the royal archive and they have
unknown scripture, there is anyone that knows something about it?

I wish you goood job
Massimo Bonasorte

Linguistic Field(s): Writing Systems

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