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Tue Apr 05 2005

TOC: Internat. J. of the Sociology of Lang 172 (2005)

Editor for this issue: Maria Moreno-Rollins <>

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        1.    Julia Ulrich, International Journal of the Sociology of Language Vol. 172 (2005)

Message 1: International Journal of the Sociology of Language Vol. 172 (2005)

Date: 04-Apr-2005
From: Julia Ulrich <>
Subject: International Journal of the Sociology of Language Vol. 172 (2005)

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Publisher: Mouton de Gruyter

Journal Title: International Journal of the Sociology of Language
Volume Number: 172
Issue Number:
Issue Date: 2005

Subtitle: Pacific Sociolinguistics

Main Text:

Issue Editors: Heather Lotherington and Richard Benton

Authors: Heather Lotherington and Richard Benton

Link to header:

The Sociolinguistics of Status in Pohnpei
Author: Elizabeth Keating

Link to header:

Competing Agendas in Indigenous-Language Renewal: Initial Vernacular Education
in Vanuatu
Author: Terry Crowley

Link to header:

Will Cyberforums Save Endangered Languages? A Niuean Case Study
Author: Wolfgang B. Sperlich

Link to header:

Factors Favoring and Disfavoring Obsolescence in the South Pacific: A Case Study
of Rotuman
Author: Marit Vamarasi

Link to header:

Using Maori English in New Zealand
Author: Janet Holmes

Link to header:

In search of the Missing Maori Links—Maintaining Both Ethnic Identity and
Linguistic Integrity in the Revitalization of the Maori Language
Author: Margaret Mutu

Link to header:

Covert Attitudes to Maori
Authors: Ray Harlow

Link to header:

Maori Intergenerational Language Transmission
Author: Steven Chrisp

Link to header:

Book Review

Author: Heather Lotherington

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Small languages and small language communities 48:
Tlingit Language Immersion Retreats: Creating New Language Habitat for the
Twenty-First Century
Authors D. Roy Mitchell, IV

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Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics
                            Applied Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Maori (MBF)
                            Niue (NIQ)
                            Pohnpeian (PNF)
                            Rotuman (RTM)
                            Tlingit (TLI)

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