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Thu Apr 07 2005

Disc: Re: 16.894: Abolishing Fund Drive

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        1.    Elisabeth Cottier-Fábián, Disc: Re: 16.894: Abolishing Fund Drive

Message 1: Disc: Re: 16.894: Abolishing Fund Drive

Date: 05-Apr-2005
From: Elisabeth Cottier-Fábián <>
Subject: Disc: Re: 16.894: Abolishing Fund Drive

Fund Drive 2005 is now on! Visit to donate now!
Dear all,

About LinguistList's obvious need for funds, here's what I may (sadly)
report, from what I've seen on LinguistList these last three years:

Myself a Senior Lecturer at Paris University (Université Paris 7-Denis-
Diderot), I've been teaching Linguistics at University, here in France, for
close to 23 years now.

Apart from being one of my passions, linguistics is what I earn a living
from. My salary isn't stupendous: barely 2,600 euros per month (approx.
2,800$). On that sum I'm raising (alone) my three young children; and, as
you may know, Paris is an expensive city (accommodation, transport, food,

Yet I find it much, much, much better that WE, who benefit from LinguistList
and its Aladdin's cave, should be the ones with morals and decency
enough, to give money to support your brilliant site. Need I add I'm deeply
ashamed to see that, among quite a number of French linguists (from Paris
universities, mostly), I, apparently (unless there be any anonymous
donors...!), am the only one on your lists, EVER to send you money...

Yet I couldn't possibly not do so, and every year at that.

The question is, basically, one of ethics.

I suggest you give people still a little more time before you eventually
decide to make this a paying site: all of you regularly checking out on
LinguistList, PLEASE remember that other linguists, in various parts of the
world, earn NEXT TO NO MONEY AT ALL.

WE must show that WE can pull OUR socks up, and stick together, so that
others with less luck and money can STILL consult LinguistList free of

As usual- best of luck, and a thousand thanks, to LinguistList, one of our
daily dainties (with plenty of food for thought!).

Elisabeth Cottier-Fábián, Paris, France.

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
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