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Sat Apr 09 2005

Qs: Noun Classifiers & Classes;Karaoke for FL Learning

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        1.    Madina Shaxbieva, Noun Classifiers and Noun Classes
        2.    Rudolf Reinelt, Karaoke for Learning a Foreign Language

Message 1: Noun Classifiers and Noun Classes

Date: 08-Apr-2005
From: Madina Shaxbieva <>
Subject: Noun Classifiers and Noun Classes

Dear colleagues!

I am engaged in research of nominal classification. Now I work above the
review "Nominal classification: paradigms of research". The surveyed
material (research of the Russian and foreign linguists) testifies that one
of serious problems of research of noun classification is the problem of
the term. I have found necessary to investigate history of terms "noun
class" and "classifier". To begin I wanted from the fact of
introduction in use of these terms - whom and when they have been entered
for the first time.

Before 1907 I nothing has found. In it to year there was A. Dirrs clause
"About classes (genders) in the Caucasian languages".

I believe, that in the African linguistics the term was used much earlier.
Works of linguist Bleek (1880?) where I could find the answer, are
inaccessible, as they are not present in our libraries.

Nobody was engaged in history of the specified terms. In fundamental A.
Aikhenvalds (2003) work "Classifiers: A typology of noun classification
devices" also there is no answer to this question.

I shall be very grateful to everyone who will respond to my request to help
me to find the answer to a question who and when for the first time has
entered terms.

I also shall be grateful to receive any advice on my search.


Best regards,

Dr. Madina Kh. Shakhbieva

PS: Excuse, in English I write badly, but I read without problems.

Linguistic Field(s): Typology

Message 2: Karaoke for Learning a Foreign Language

Date: 05-Apr-2005
From: Rudolf Reinelt <>
Subject: Karaoke for Learning a Foreign Language

The author of a famous German handbook for foreign language teachers has
asked us to write an article about the (possible) use of Karaoke for
foreign language learning. My partner for this article is a Japanese lady
who has already written a book and issued a CD on the use of Karaoke for
learning Chinese. To back up her ideas by empirical data, I have designed
a questionnaire to that matter. I would be grateful, if those on
linguistlist and their friends and whoever they know could help us
gathering data within the near future (say until 6 weeks after running this

We would be grateful if you could request the questionnaire, take a little
time, save and fill out the questionnaire and return it to us at in the next few weeks.

We apologize in advance for any technical problems the questionnaire may
cause. In advance thank you very much for your cooperation

Rudolf Reinelt
Integrated education center
Education development center
Ehime University
Bunkyo-cho 3, 790-8577 Matsuyama Japan

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition

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