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Mon Apr 11 2005

TOC: Babel 49/2 (2003)

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        1.    Paul Peranteau, Babel Vol. 49, No. 2 (2003)

Message 1: Babel Vol. 49, No. 2 (2003)

Date: 08-Apr-2005
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: Babel Vol. 49, No. 2 (2003)

Publisher: John Benjamins

Journal Title: Babel
Volume Number: 49
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2003

Main Text:

Table of contents

The Goodman and his Faith: Signals of Local Colour in Nathaniel Hawthorne's
Historical Fiction with Reference to Cultural Translation [pdf, 173 kB]
Adrian Pablé 97-130

Brand Name Translation in China: An Overview of Practice and Theory [pdf, 136 kB]
He Chuansheng and Xiao Yunnan 131-148

BITRA. An International On-Line Bibliography of Interpreting and Translation
Studies [pdf, 485 kB]
Javier Franco Aixelá 149-163

Lexical Foregrounding: A Perennial Problem in Translating Literary Communication
[pdf, 150 kB]
Manoochehr Tavangar 164-184

La vie de la FIT - The Life of FIT: Publications de la FIT [pdf, 53 kB] 185-187

In memoriam Hans-Jürgen Pfisterer 1916-2001 [pdf, 0.72 MB]

Elena Nikolova und René Haeseryn 188-189

Collection UNESCO d'?uvres représentatives - UNESCO Collection of representative
Susan Bassnett and Piotr Kuhiwczak: "Ariadne's Thread. Polish Women Poets" [pdf,
55 kB]
Mary B.M. Cotton 190-191

Informations bibliographiques et lexicographiques - Bibliographical and
Lexicographical Information
Review of "La Historia, la Traducción y el Control del Pasado", by Samuel López
Alcalá [pdf, 52 kB]
Adolfo Luis Soto Vázquez 191-192

Linguistic Field(s): Translation
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