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Mon Apr 11 2005

Qs: English Sentence Structure;Descriptive Study

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        1.    Pranesh Bhargava, Grammaticality of the English Sentence Structure
        2.    Yu Dongtao, Descriptive Study

Message 1: Grammaticality of the English Sentence Structure

Date: 10-Apr-2005
From: Pranesh Bhargava <>
Subject: Grammaticality of the English Sentence Structure

Hi all,

I am working in HPSG framework. I wanted to know from the native speakers
of English if the sentences like the following are grammatical:-

1(i). What did John go and buy in the shopping mall?
(ii).What did John buy in the shopping mall and go?

2.(i). What do you wake up and have for the breakfast?
(ii).What do you have for the dinner and sleep?

3. What would you wake up and want to have for the breakfast?

Also kindly mention if any of the sentence are ungrammatical but
acceptable. Thanks alot.

Pranesh Bhargava.
Hyderabad, India.

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax

Subject Language(s): English (ENG)

Message 2: Descriptive Study

Date: 07-Apr-2005
From: Yu Dongtao <>
Subject: Descriptive Study

Dear Sirs/Madams,

My name is Yu Dongtao. I am studying at Central China Normal University,
Wuhan, China. I major in Chinese grammar. Now I am preparing for my
doctoral dissertation on Chinese temporal expressions and typological study
of temporal expressions. At present I only get a sample of about 50
languages. Besides Chinese, English, Deutch, French, Russian, Japanese,
Korean, most of the languages are spoken by minorities living in China. The
sample is not suffient for a typological study. So I do hope you can help
me and provide me with some descritive studies of languages especially the
description related to temporal expressions.

Thanks a lot!
Best wishes.
Yours sincerely,
Yu Dongtao

Linguistic Field(s): Language Description

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