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LINGUIST List 16.1751

Fri Jun 03 2005

Confs: Phonetics/Electropalatography, Edinburgh, Scotland

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        1.    James Scobbie, 4th International Electropalatography (EPG) Symposium

Message 1: 4th International Electropalatography (EPG) Symposium
Date: 01-Jun-2005
From: James Scobbie <jscobbieqmuc.ac.uk>
Subject: 4th International Electropalatography (EPG) Symposium

4th International Electropalatography (EPG) Symposium

Date: 29-Sep-2005 - 30-Sep-2005
Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Contact: Alice Lee
Contact Email: aleeqmuc.ac.uk
Meeting URL: http://www.qmuc.ac.uk/ssrc/conf/epg4_2005/

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics

Meeting Description:

The symposium Theme is 'New Developments in Electropalatography'. Update:
June 1st: The draft programme is now available on the website.

29th September (Thursday)

9.00 - 10.00 Opening address
Bill Hardcastle, Fiona Gibbon, & Alan Wrench

10.00 - 10.30 Electropalatography in treatment of children with speech
disorders due to CP
Ann Nordberg, & Elvira Berg

11.00 - 11.30 Word juncture behaviours in children with impaired speech
Sara Howard

11.30 - 12.00 Comparison of rate and loudness effects on EPG timing
parameters in speakers with dysarthria following traumatic brain injury
Mili Kuruvilla

12.00 - 1.00 Poster session (see below)

2.00 - 2.30 A case study: A suitable boy for EPG?
Lisa Crampin

2.30 - 3.00 EPG and the use of COG in data reduction
Hanne Gram Simonsen, & Inger Moen

3.00 - 3.30 The combined use of EPG and EMA in articulatory
Inger Moen, & Hanne Gram Simonsen

4.00 - 4.30 A case study: Steady but slow progress - is it enough?
Lisa Crampin

4.30 - 5.00 Electropalatographic assessment of tongue-to-palate
contact patterns and variability in childhood through to adolescence
Hei-Yan Cheng, Bruce Murdoch, & Justine V. Goozée

30th September (Friday)

9.00 - 9.30 Treatment with a combination of intra-oral sensory
stimulation and electropalatography in a child with severe developmental
Inger Lundeborg, & Anita McAllister

9.30 - 10.00 The relationship between acoustic analysis and perceptual
judgment of lingual stops in speakers with cleft palate
Chun Chun

10.00 - 10.30 Trials of EPG home training, using Portable Training Unit
(PTU), for Japanese children with cleft palate
Yuri Fujiwara, & Ichiro Yamamoto

11.00 - 11.30 The national CLEFTNET Project for individuals with cleft
Fiona Gibbon, Alice Lee, Lisa Crampin, & Ivan Yuen

11.30 - 12.00 EPG in speech therapy: Past and current results, and
future implications
Barbara Bernhardt, Penelope Bacsfalvi, & Bryan Gick

12.00 - 12.30 Assessment of tongue-to-palate pressure in dysarthric
speech using a newly developed pressure-sensing electropalatograph system
Bruce E. Murdoch, Justine V. Goozée, Martin Veidt, Dion H. Scott, Ian A.
Meyers, & Naomi Seow

12.30 - 1.00 An electropalatographic investigation of consonant
clusters in the North Australian language Bininj Gun-Wok
Jonathan Harrington

2.00 - 2.30 Statistical Acoustic-to-Electropalatographic Mapping
Asterios Toutios, & Konstantinos Margaritis

2.30 - 3.00 Towards a computer-assisted analysis of palatal contact
variation measured with EPG
Corey McMillan, & Martin Corley

3.00 - 3.30 Clinical work with a new EPG system
Anna Schmidt

4.00 - 4.30 Conflicting requirements for voiced alveolar fricatives
Jana Brunner, & Susanne Fuchs

4.30 - 5.00 Normal patterns of tongue palate contact during bilabials
Ivan Yuen, Alice Lee, & Fiona Gibbon

Poster Programme

12.00 - 1.00, 29th September, Beech Room

1. Variability of tongue-palate contact patterns in Parkinson's
Megan McAuliffe, Elizabeth Ward, & Bruce Murdoch

2. A Cross-linguistic investigation of affricates
Marko Liker, Alan Wrench, & Fiona Gibbon

3. An electropalatographic investigation into tongue-palate contact
symmetry in normal adults and adults with acquired aphasia
Susanna Brown, & Sara Wood

4. Electropalatographic study of misdirected articulatory gestures
in connected speech of adults with acquired aphasia
Jaclyn Dallas, & Sara Wood

5. Articulation of clicks in a child with velocardiofacial syndrome
Fiona Gibbon, & Lisa Crampin

6. A national survey on clients receiving EPG therapy 1993-2003
Fiona Gibbon, & Lisa Paterson

7. A single case study into the efficacy of speech intervention
using EPG with an 18 year old deaf client
Katie Martin, Jane Thomas, Allen Hirson, Ros Herman, & Tim Pring

8. In phonetically identical contexts, do normal adult speakers'
productions of /t/, /d/ and /n/ have different EPG tongue palate contact
Lynne F. Adams, & Fiona Gibbon

9. Using EPG therapy with a child with a phoneme-specific
substitution and visual impairment
Joanne McCann

10. The relationship between naive listeners' evaluation of
naturalness and EPG-induced articulatory changes: Pre- and post-therapy
cleft palate speech
Simone Hull, Catherine Mayo, & Fiona Gibbon

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