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LINGUIST List 16.2020

Thu Jun 30 2005

TOC: Historiographica Linguistica 32/1&2 (2005)

Editor for this issue: Maria Moreno-Rollins <marialinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Paul Peranteau, Historiographica Linguistica Vol. 32, No. 1&2 (2005)

Message 1: Historiographica Linguistica Vol. 32, No. 1&2 (2005)
Date: 29-Jun-2005
From: Paul Peranteau <paulbenjamins.com>
Subject: Historiographica Linguistica Vol. 32, No. 1&2 (2005)

Publisher: John Benjamins

Journal Title: Historiographica Linguistica. International Journal for the History of the Language Sciences.
Volume Number: 32
Issue Number: 1/2
Issue Date: 2005

Main Text:

Table of contents


The Definitions of the Greek Middle Voice between Apollonius Dyscolus and
Constantinus Lascaris
Juan Signes-Codoñer 1–33

The Linguistic Thought of Friedrich August Wolf
Dag Haug 35–60

Mythe aryen et référent linguistique indo-européen dans la Russie du XIXe siècle
Marlène Laruelle 61–85

Reichling and De Groot
Els Elffers 87–116

Structuralism and Autonomy
John M. Anderson 117–148

Biographische Kohärenz in der Wechselwirkung von Philologie und (R‑)Emigration
Ewald Lang 149–180

Reviews / Comptes rendus / Besprechungen

Plato's Cratylus. By David Sedley. Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 2003.
Reviewed by Malcolm D. Hyman 181–188

Latin Translation in the Renaissance: The theory and practice of Leonardo Bruni,
Giannozzo Manetti, and Desiderius Erasmus. Von Paul Botley. Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2004.
Rezensiert von Peter Kuhlmann 189–196

John Buridan and Beyond: Topics in the Language Sciences, 1300– 1700. Edited by
Russell L. Friedman and Sten Ebbesen. Copenhagen:Det Kongelige Danske
Videnskabernes Selskab, 2004
Reviewed by Rhodri Lewis 197–202

La norma ortográfica de la Real Academia Española (1741): Aportación al estudio
del español moderno. Estudio introductorio, en volumen adjunto, a la edición
facsimilar numerada de la Orthographía Española de la Real Academia [1741]. Por
Ramón Sarmiento
Reseña de Pedro M. Hurtado Valero 203–206

Poetik der Etymologie: Texturen sprachlichen Wissens in der Romantik. Von Stefan
Rezensiert von Christiane Schlaps 207–217

. By Werner Hüllen
Reviewed by Fredric Dolezal 218–227

Chajim H. Steinthal: Sprachwissenschaftler und Philosoph im 19. Jahrhundert /
Linguist and philosopher in the 19th century. Edited by Hartwig Wiedebach &
Annette Winkelmann
Reviewed by Christopher M. Hutton 228–234

Language and Hegemony in Gramsci. By Peter Ives
Reviewed by Niels Helsloot 235–242

Wittgenstein und Platon: Sokratisch-platonische Dialektik im Lichte der
wittgensteinischen Sprachspielkonzeption. By Jan Georg Schneider
Reviewed by Toska Benes 243–247

. Von Barbara Schmitz
Rezensiert von Jan Georg Schneider 248–254

. Edited by Julie Coleman & Anne McDermott
Reviewed by R.R.K. Hartmann 255–259

Publications Received / Ouvrages Reçus Eingegangene Schriften


Subject classification
History of linguistics

Linguistic Field(s): History of Linguistics
                            Historical Linguistics

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