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LINGUIST List 16.2123

Sun Jul 10 2005

Qs: Palauan Texts; Hausa Comitatives

Editor for this issue: Jessica Boynton <jessicalinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Philip Davis, Palauan Texts
        2.    Masha Vassilieva, Hausa Comitatives

Message 1: Palauan Texts
Date: 07-Jul-2005
From: Philip Davis <pwdrice.edu>
Subject: Palauan Texts

I am looking for a narrative text in Palauan (Austronesian), one that more
or less follows the usual trilinear format of linguistic texts: original
language, grammatical parsing, and translation. Ideally, the text(s) would
have a minimum of 100 segmented utterances. I find no reference to Palauan
texts in the usual bibliographic sources. If you know of any (or have one
that you are willing to share), I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Philip W. Davis

Linguistic Field(s): Language Description

Message 2: Hausa Comitatives
Date: 08-Jul-2005
From: Masha Vassilieva <mvassiliyahoo.com>
Subject: Hausa Comitatives

Dear all,

Could somebody please help me get some data from Hausa? There are three
questions, all concerning comitative constructions such as ‘we with Peter’
(interpreted as ‘I + Peter) and ‘Mary with Peter’ (interpreted as ‘Mary and


In Linda Schwartz’s paper on verb-coded coordination (1988:68-9), Hausa
comitative constructions are described as incompatible with non-collective
predicates. For example, while (1a) is OK, (1b) is not (the comitative in
(1b), apparently, is interpreted as ‘liking with’, not as ‘drumming with’.)

(1) (Schwarz 1988a:68-9)
a. * muna son kid’aa da kaneenaa
1pl.progr. like drumming & younger-brother-my
‘My younger brother and I like to drum.’
b. mun jee kaasuwaa da kaneen-a
1plpast go market & younger-brother-my
‘My younger brother and I went to the market.’

Could somebody please give me a few more examples that would confirm (or
contradict?) this generalization? More specifically, are the sentences
corresponding to the glosses below possible in Hausa with the given

(2) ??????? ???? ??????? da kaneenaa
Aux.1pl hate brokkoli with my-younger-brother
‘My brother and I hate brokkoli.’

(3) Aux.1pl believe in unicorns with my younger brother
‘My brother and I believe in unicorns.’


Newman (2000:132) gives the following example, where two NPs are conjoined
by da ‘with’, and the verb is plural:

(4) Bala da Babiya suna son wasa
B & B aux.3pl want play
‘B & B want to play’

Are these constructions possible with such verbs as ‘be tall’, ‘believe in
unicorns’ and ‘hate broccoli’? Could you please give me the examples?


Finally, Schwartz (1988:70) says that with-coordination in Hausa can be
either continuous (5) or discontinuous (6).

(5) Kande da Ladi sun haihu
K. with L. Aux.3pl give-birth
‘Kande and Ladi gave birth.’

(6) Kande sun haihu da Ladi
K aux.3pl give-birth with L.
‘Kande and Ladi gave birth.’

Is it possible to have such discontinuous coordinate construction (with the
plural auxiliary) with such predicates as ‘be tall’ or ‘believe in
unicorns’ or ‘hate broccoli’?

Thank you very much,
and I’ll post a summary.

Masha Vassilieva

Linguistic Field(s): Language Description

Subject Language(s): Hausa (HUA)

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