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LINGUIST List 16.2620

Sun Sep 11 2005

Confs: General Ling/Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

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        1.    Anne-Michelle Tessier, 36th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society

Message 1: 36th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society
Date: 09-Sep-2005
From: Anne-Michelle Tessier <nelslinguist.umass.edu>
Subject: 36th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society

36th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society
Short Title: NELS36

Date: 28-Oct-2005 - 30-Oct-2005
Location: University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
Contact: Florian Schwarz
Contact Email: nelslinguist.umass.edu
Meeting URL: http://people.umass.edu/nels/

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

The 36th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society

including a General Session, and Special Sessions on Topics at the
Morphology-Phonology Interface, and Semantics of Under-represented Languages

October 28-30, 2005
University of Massachusetts Amherst

NELS36: Program and Pre-registration

The NELS36 program, with abstracts and future updates, is now posted at:

PRE-REGISTRATION is now also available -- including first-come, first-serve
requests for crash space:

For all other NELS-related info:

NELS36 Preliminary Program
[Alternates, listed in the poster sessions, are indicated with **]

Friday, October 28, 2005

Session One - SYNTAX

9:30-10: Leaving v Behind: Ellipsis in Farsi Complex Predicates
Maziar Toosarvandani [University of California, Berkeley]

10-10:30: Antecedent Contained Deletion and Movement Reconsidered
Jon Sprouse [University of Maryland]

10:30-11: Sometimes, Smaller is Better: Gapping, Sluicing and Semantic Identity
Masaya Yoshida [University of Maryland, College Park]

Session Two - SEMANTICS

11:30-12: Parts of Speech: a unified semantics for partitives
Tania Ionin [USC], Ora Matushansky [CNRS/Universite Paris 8] and E.G. Ruys [UiL

12-12:30: The implications of dependent plural readings
Eytan Zweig [NYU]

12:30-1: Long-distance Indexicals
Pranav Anand [MIT]

SPECIAL SESSION: Semantics of Under-represented Languages

2:30-3:15: Invited Talk (tba)
J. Michael Terry [UNC Chapel Hill]

3.30-4: Correlates of nonconfigurationality
Claire Bowern [Rice University]

4-4:30: Presuppositions and Cross-Linguistic Variation
Lisa Matthewson [UBC]

4:30-5: Distributive Reduplication in Telugu
Rahul Balusu [NYU]

5.30-6.30: Poster Session One

Grammar is both categorical and gradient
Andries W. Coetzee [University of Michigan]

-Strata classification by variegated similarity: the case of Sino-Japanese compounds
Jason Anthony Shaw [NYU]

Agnostic Movement
Steven Franks [Indiana University]

Argument mapping and extraction
Omer Preminger [Tel-Aviv University]

Agreement with Asp and the Independence of Case
Jonathan MacDonald [Stony Brook University]

Transitivity mismatches at the syntax-semantics interface: disappearing object
markers in Nez Perce
Amy Rose Deal [UMass Amherst]

Syntactically flexible functional categories
Hedde Zeijlstra [University of Tuebingen]

-Can comparative correlatives be derived under minimalist assumptions?
Heather Lee Taylor [University of Maryland, College Park]

A General Theory of the Excluded Middle
Jon R. Gajewski [MIT/UConn]

Givenness and Locality
Michael Wagner [MIT]

Topic Interpretation in Determiner and Adverbial Quantification
Cornelia Endriss [Universität Potsdam] and Stefan Hinterwimmer [Humboldt University]

Sloppy Identity and re-binding: Focus intervention by reconstruction
Margaret Grant [Mcgill University]

The Morphologically Organized Lexicon: Further experimental evidence
Sarah Van Wagenen [UCLA]

6.30-7.30 INVITED TALK (tba)
Lisa Cheng [Leiden University]

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Session Three - PHONOLOGY (parallel)

9:30-10: Root and Pattern Morphology in Coptic: Evidence for the Root
Ruth Kramer [UC Santa Cruz]

10-10:30: Output-Output Correspondence vs. Cyclic OT: Beyond Morphological
Jennifer L. Smith [UNC Chapel Hill]

10:30-11: The optimal leveling of Latin imparisyllabic nouns
Ric Morris [Middle Tennessee State University]

Session four - SYNTAX (parallel)

9:30-10: Hungarian as a Japanese-type scrambling language
Suranyi Balzas [Hungarian Academy of Sciences]

10-10:30: Nonconstituent Clefting in Japanese
Yusuke Kubota and Allyn Smith [Ohio State University]

10:30-11: Focal analysis of NPI connectivity and movement of negation
Tomoko Kawamura [Stony Brook University]

Session Five - SEMANTICS (parallel)

11:30-12: Bargains, Scales and 'Only'
Nathan Klinedinst [UCLA]

12-12:30: Freedom of Choice
Paula Menéndez-Benito [UC Santa Cruz]

12:30-1: On the Stativity of Negation in Japanese
Yasuhiro Sashira [University of Wisconsin-Madison]

Session Six - SYNTAX (parallel)

11:30-12: The Thais that Bind: Apparent Principle C Violations in Thai
Meredith Larson [Northwestern University]

12-12:30: Two Types of Nominal Split
Julie Anne Legate [University of Delaware]

12:30-1: The Case for Concord: Multiple Agreement in Bantu
Brent Henderson [UIUC]

SPECIAL SESSION: Topics at the Morphology-Phonology Interface

2:30-3:15: Invited Talk: Learning from Paradigmatic Information
Bruce Tesar [Rutgers University]

3.30-4: Learning underlying forms: Evidence from child perception and production
Paula Fikkert [Radboud University Nijmegen], Claartje Levelt [Leiden University]
and Tania Zamuner [Radboud University Nijmegen]

4-4:30: Same problem, different solutions: Gaps and repairs at the
morphology-phonology interface
Curt Rice [University of Tromsoe]

4:30-5: Output-Output Faithfulness to Moraic Structure: Evidence from New
Phenomenon in American English
Melissa Frazer [UNC Chapel Hill]

5.30-6.30 Poster Session Two

''Rule Replacement'' in Lingit: The Importance of Morphosyntax to Morphophonology
Seth Cable [MIT]

French phrasal phonology in a derivational model of PF
Marjorie Pak and Michael Friesner [UPenn]

-Intra-paradigmatic predictability and morphological base identification in
Texistepec Popoluca
Ehren Reilly [Johns Hopkins University]

Control as Movement and Cyclic Linearization
Michael Barrie [University of Toronto]

Variation in the nominal layer of Event Nominalizations
Jasper Roodenburg [University of Stuttgart]

Sign Languages: a puzzle for successive cyclic linearization
Carlo Geraci [Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca]

English Comitative PPs Are Not Adjuncts
Niina Zhang [National Chung Cheng University]

Pronouns, determiners and N-ellipsis in Spanish, French and German
Patricia Cabredo Hofherr [CNRS/Universite Paris 8]

-The fine structure of (anti-)causatives
Artemis Alexiadou [University of Stuttgart], Elena Anagnostopoulou [University
of Crete] and Florian Schaefer [University of Stuttgart]

Topic-comment Structure, Focus Movement and Gapping Formation
Ruixi Ai [Harvard University]

Domain restriction and the semantics of definite descriptions
Lynsey Kay Wolter [UC Santa Cruz]

-Focus Marking in Western Chadic: Implications for a Cross-Linguistic Theory of
Malte Zimmermann [Humboldt University]

-Toward an Integrated Theory of the Perfect and the Indirect Evidential
Kyungsook Chung [Simon Fraser University]

Why Children Will QR out of a Tensed Embedded Clause, but Adults Won't
Kristen Syrett [Northwestern University] and Jeffrey Lidz [University of Maryland]

6.30-7.30 INVITED TALK (tba)
Gregory N. Carlson [University of Rochester]


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Session seven - SYNTAX (parallel)

10-10:30 When is Object Shift prevented?
Mayumi Hosono [University of Newcastle/University of Durham]

10:30-11: Psych nouns and the Structure of Predication
David Adger [Queen Mary College, University of London] and Gillian Ramchand
[University of Tromsoe]

11-11:30: Two Types of Floating Quantifiers and their A/A-bar Properties
Justin Fitzpatrick [MIT]

Session eight · PHONOLOGY (parallel)

10:30-11: On the status of voiced obstruents in Tswana: Against *ND
Elizabeth Zsiga [Georgetown University], Maria Gouskova [NYU], and One Tlale
[Georgetown University]

11-11:30: Phonetic Correlates of Second Occurence Focus
Caroline Fery and Shinichiro Ishihara [Universität Potsdam]


12-12:30: A Categorical Distinction between Stative and Eventive Verbs
Peter Hallman [McGill University]

12:30-1: Semantic effects of head movement
Winfried Lechner [University of Stuttgart]

1-1:30: States, events and VP structure: evidence from purposive adjuncts
Jon Nissenbaum [McGill University]

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