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LINGUIST List 16.2698

Mon Sep 19 2005

Confs: General Ling/Amherst, Massachusetts USA

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        1.    Anne-Michelle Tessier, 36th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society

Message 1: 36th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society
Date: 16-Sep-2005
From: Anne-Michelle Tessier <nelslinguist.umass.edu>
Subject: 36th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society

36th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society
Short Title: NELS36

Date: 28-Oct-2005 - 30-Oct-2005
Location: University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
Contact: Florian Schwarz
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
Meeting URL: http://people.umass.edu/nels/

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

The 36th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society

including a General Session, and Special Sessions on Topics at the Morphology-Phonology Interface, and Semantics of Under-represented Languages

October 28-30, 2005
University of Massachusetts Amherst

NELS36: Final Program and Announcements

The modified, final NELS36 program listed below is also posted, with abstracts, at:

PRE-REGISTRATION is now also available -- including first-come, first-serve requests for crash space:

ON-CAMPUS HOTEL ACCOMODATIONS are also available, reserved only until October 13th. As there are other conferences in the Amherst area that weekend, we encourage you to book early! To get the conference rate, see details at:

For all other NELS-related info:

NELS36 Final Program
[Alternates, listed in the poster sessions, are indicated with **]

Friday, October 28, 2005

Session One - PHONOLOGY

10:15-10:45: On the status of voiced obstruents in Tswana: Against *ND
Elizabeth Zsiga [Georgetown University], Maria Gouskova [NYU], and One Tlale [Georgetown University]

10:45-11:15: Phonetic Correlates of Second Occurence Focus
Caroline Fery and Shinichiro Ishihara [Universität Potsdam]

Session Two -- SYNTAX

11:30-12: Leaving v Behind: Ellipsis in Farsi Complex Predicates
Maziar Toosarvandani [University of California, Berkeley]

12-12:30: Antecedent Contained Deletion and Movement Reconsidered
Jon Sprouse [University of Maryland]

12:30-1: Sometimes, Smaller is Better: Gapping, Sluicing and Semantic Identity
Masaya Yoshida [University of Maryland, College Park]

SPECIAL SESSION: Semantics of Under-represented Languages

2:30-3:15: Invited Talk: A Present Perfect Puzzle for African-American English
J. Michael Terry [UNC Chapel Hill]

3.30-4: Correlates of nonconfigurationality
Claire Bowern [Rice University]

4-4:30: Presuppositions and Cross-Linguistic Variation
Lisa Matthewson [UBC]

4:30-5: Distributive Reduplication in Telugu
Rahul Balusu [NYU]

5.30-6.30: Poster Session One

-Grammar is both categorical and gradient
Andries W. Coetzee [University of Michigan]

-Strata classification by variegated similarity: the case of Sino-Japanese compounds
Jason Anthony Shaw [NYU]

-Agnostic Movement
Steven Franks [Indiana University]

-Argument mapping and extraction
Omer Preminger [Tel-Aviv University]

-Agreement with Asp and the Independence of Case
Jonathan MacDonald [Stony Brook University]

-Transitivity mismatches at the syntax-semantics interface: disappearing object markers in Nez Perce
Amy Rose Deal [UMass Amherst]

-Syntactically flexible functional categories
Hedde Zeijlstra [University of Tuebingen]

-Can comparative correlatives be derived under minimalist assumptions?
Heather Lee Taylor [University of Maryland, College Park]

-A General Theory of the Excluded Middle
Jon R. Gajewski [MIT/UConn]

-Givenness and Locality
Michael Wagner [MIT]

-Topic Interpretation in Determiner and Adverbial Quantification
Cornelia Endriss [Universität Potsdam] and Stefan Hinterwimmer [Humboldt University]

-Sloppy Identity and re-binding: Focus intervention by reconstruction
Margaret Grant [Mcgill University]

-The Morphologically Organized Lexicon: Further experimental evidence
Sarah Van Wagenen [UCLA]

6:30-7:30 INVITED TALK (tba)
Lisa Cheng [Leiden University]

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Session Three - PHONOLOGY (parallel)

9:30-10: Root and Pattern Morphology in Coptic: Evidence for the Root
Ruth Kramer [UC Santa Cruz]

10-10:30: Output-Output Correspondence vs. Cyclic OT: Beyond Morphological Derivation
Jennifer L. Smith [UNC Chapel Hill]

10:30-11: The optimal leveling of Latin imparisyllabic nouns
Ric Morris [Middle Tennessee State University]

Session four - SYNTAX (parallel)

9:30-10: Hungarian as a Japanese-type scrambling language
Suranyi Balzas [Hungarian Academy of Sciences]

10-10:30: Nonconstituent Clefting in Japanese
Yusuke Kubota and E. Allyn Smith [Ohio State University]

10:30-11: Focal analysis of NPI connectivity and movement of negation
Tomoko Kawamura [Stony Brook University]

Session Five - SEMANTICS (parallel)

11:30-12: Bargains, Scales and 'Only'
Nathan Klinedinst [UCLA]

12-12:30: Exclusive Choices
Paula Menéndez-Benito [UC Santa Cruz]

12:30-1: On the Stativity of Negation in Japanese
Yasuhiro Sasahira [University of Wisconsin-Madison]

Session Six - SYNTAX (parallel)

11:30-12: The Thais that Bind: Apparent Principle C Violations in Thai
Meredith Larson [Northwestern University]

12-12:30: Two Types of Nominal Split
Julie Anne Legate [University of Delaware]

12:30-1: The Case for Concord: Multiple Agreement in Bantu
Brent Henderson [UIUC]

SPECIAL SESSION: Topics at the Morphology-Phonology Interface

2:30-3:15: Invited Talk: Learning from Paradigmatic Information
Bruce Tesar [Rutgers University]

3.30-4: Learning underlying forms: Evidence from child perception and production
Paula Fikkert [Radboud University Nijmegen], Claartje Levelt [Leiden University] and Tania Zamuner [Radboud University Nijmegen]

4-4:30: Same problem, different solutions: Gaps and repairs at the morphology-phonology interface
Curt Rice [University of Tromsoe]

4:30-5: Output-Output Faithfulness to Moraic Structure: Evidence from New Phenomenon in American English
Melissa Frazier [UNC Chapel Hill]

5.30-6.30 Poster Session Two

-''Rule Replacement'' in Lingit: The Importance of Morphosyntax to Morphophonology
Seth Cable [MIT]

-French phrasal phonology in a derivational model of PF
Marjorie Pak and Michael Friesner [UPenn]

-Intra-paradigmatic predictability and morphological base identification in Texistepec Popoluca
Ehren Reilly [Johns Hopkins University]

-Control as Movement and Cyclic Linearization
Michael Barrie [University of Toronto]

-Variation in the nominal layer of Event Nominalizations
Jasper Roodenburg [University of Stuttgart]

-Sign Languages: a puzzle for successive cyclic linearization
Carlo Geraci [Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca]

-English Comitative PPs Are Not Adjuncts
Niina Zhang [National Chung Cheng University]

-Pronouns, determiners and N-ellipsis in Spanish, French and German
Patricia Cabredo Hofherr [CNRS/Universite Paris 8]

-The fine structure of (anti-)causatives
Artemis Alexiadou [University of Stuttgart], Elena Anagnostopoulou [University of Crete] and Florian Schaefer [University of Stuttgart]

-Topic-comment Structure, Focus Movement and Gapping Formation
Ruixi Ai [Harvard University]

-Domain restriction and the semantics of definite descriptions
Lynsey Kay Wolter [UC Santa Cruz]

-Focus Marking in Western Chadic: Implications for a Cross-Linguistic Theory of Focus
Malte Zimmermann [Humboldt University]

-Toward an Integrated Theory of the Perfect and the Indirect Evidential
Kyungsook Chung [Simon Fraser University]

-Why Children Will QR out of a Tensed Embedded Clause, but Adults Won't
Kristen Syrett [Northwestern University] and Jeffrey Lidz [University of Maryland]

6.30-7.30 INVITED TALK (tba)
Gregory N. Carlson [University of Rochester]


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Session seven - SYNTAX (parallel)

10-10:30 When is Object Shift prevented?
Mayumi Hosono [University of Newcastle/University of Durham]

10:30-11: Psych nouns and the Structure of Predication
David Adger [Queen Mary College, University of London] and Gillian Ramchand [University of Tromsoe]

11-11:30: Two Types of Floating Quantifiers and their A/A-bar Properties
Justin Fitzpatrick [MIT]

Session eight · SEMANTICS (parallel)

10-10:30: The implications of dependent plural readings
Eytan Zweig [NYU]

10:30-11: Parts of Speech: a unified semantics for partitives
Tania Ionin [USC], Ora Matushansky [CNRS/Universite Paris 8] and E.G. Ruys [UiL OTS/Utrecht]

11:-11:30: Long-distance Indexicals
Pranav Anand [MIT]


12-12:30: A Categorical Distinction between Stative and Eventive Verbs
Peter Hallman [McGill University]

12:30-1: Semantic effects of head movement
Winfried Lechner [University of Stuttgart]

1-1:30: States, events and VP structure: evidence from purposive adjuncts
Jon Nissenbaum [McGill University]

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