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LINGUIST List 16.2891

Thu Oct 06 2005

Sum: Linguistics of Translation

Editor for this issue: Amy Renaud <renaudlinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Richard Cameron, Linguistics of Translation

Message 1: Linguistics of Translation
Date: 05-Oct-2005
From: Richard Cameron <rcameronuic.edu>
Subject: Linguistics of Translation

Regarding query: http://www.linguistlist.org/issues/16/16-2833.html#1

On Sunday, Oct. 2, I posted the following request on Linguist List.

Does anyone know of courses, articles, or books in which translation as a
topic in linguistics is explored? I ask as we are thinking of developing a
course of Translation (Spanish / English)which involves Linguistics in some
fashion. The course would be for undergraduates. I will post responses on
Linguist List, si me llegan, you know.

I want to thank the following very generous individuals who responded:

Klaus Abels, Francisco Yus, Timothy Face, Philippe De Brabanter,
Christoph Gutknecht, Louise McNally (y la familia bella bella bella),
Theresa Heyd, Andrea Kenesei, George Williams, Aidan Coveney, George Floros,
Gabriela Saldanha, Mike Cahill, Joel Hoffman, and Paul Bennett. I hope I
have not left any names off the list.

I post here two sets of responses. First, a number of individuals indicated
Programs with websites or People with websites of interest. I list those
here. Second, many folks sent titles of books and/or names of authors who
have written on Linguistics and Translation.

Program and People Links:

1) The University of Florida offers a translation
studies certificate program. A link to it is as


2) From the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Facultat de Traducció /
Interpretació, see the various links to different "licenciaturas" involving


3) And, from the Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea: Filologia eta
Geografi-Historia Fakultatea / Universidad del País Vasco, Facultad de
Filología y Geografía e Historia, see:


4) The Summer Institute for Linguistics also offers training, at numerous
sites, in Linguistics & Translation. Go to

5) From Joel Hoffman, he writes, " For many years, I have taught
translation from a linguistics point of view, often focusing on translation
and Hebrew. The syllabi from some of those classes are available at:


6) From Franciso Yus, in the Department of English Studies at the
University of Alicante, in his very rich list of references on Relevance
Theory, scroll down the page to Section 14: Translation and interpreting.


7) Contact Ms Andrea Kenesei of Veszprem University in Hungary,
kordaschello.hu, for copies of her dissertation Bibliography and other
References on Translation.

Publications (I post them in the form that I received them. I have not
checked for accuracy.)

(Author??) Thinking Spanish Translation (possibly published by Routledge or
St. Jerome

Armstrong, Nigel. 2005. Translation, Linguistics, Culture: A French-English
Handbook. Multilingual Matters.

Mona Baker - In Other Words

Chuquet, Helene & Paillard, Michel. 1989. Approche linguistique des
problemes de traduction. Paris: Ophrys.

Fawcett, Peter. 1997. Translation and Language. Manchester: St Jerome.

Christoph Gutknecht and Lutz J. Roelle: Translating by
Factors. Albany 1996: State University of New York

Books and articles by Monika Doherty. Some of her publications are under
the pseudonym Judith Macheiner.

Hervey & Higgins's Thinking translation (English/French)

Hickey, Leo (ed.) 1998. The Pragmatics of Translation.
Clevedon:Multilingual Matters.

''Meaning-Based Translation'' by Mildred Larsen (find it on Ethnologue.com),

Pat Lunn and Ernie Lunsford published a textbook called ''En otras
palabras'' (Georgetown UP)

Kirsten Malmkjaer. Linguistics and the Language of Translation Edinburgh
UP), 2005

Joseph Malone: The Science of Linguistics in the Art of Translation. SUNY
Press 1988.

Jeremy Munday - Introduction to Translation Studies

Useful pieces in the multi-volume Asher, R. (ed.) (1993, 1st ed)
Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. See
for the 2nd ed, edited by K Brown - due very soon, I believe. It has a
whole section on Translation, edited by Kirsten Malmkjaer, Contents at:

One short book by Ernst August Gutt relating Relevance Theory to
translation. Go to following for more info.


Linguistic Field(s): Translation

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